David Haye: When boxer was ridiculed on 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'


With British boxing star David Haye set to make his return to the ring after three years, we wanted to take a look at one of his more iconic moments outside of the boxing world.

Haye is known for being a former world champion in two weight classes, so it’s clear the man can handle his fair share of pressure, however, the cracks were starting to show when he appeared on a celebrity episode of ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’ 

Host Jeremy Clarkson presented Haye with the £500 question – which are seen as the easier ones, yet it resulted in the boxer needing help from the surrounding audience.

Clarkson asked: “Which of these words is also the name of a glass used to drink champagne?” with the options showing: Guitar, Bassoon, Cello and Flute. 

Haye remarked that a cello sounded more like a musical instrument, comically ignoring (or not knowing) that all four of the choices were musical instruments – yet champagne glasses are also commonly known as ‘flutes’.

He then jokes: “It’s one of them ones that’s so obvious, it’s not obvious. I’ll ask the audience, they seem like a really intelligent bunch that haven’t been punched in the head their whole life!”

Ninety-six percent of the audience, rather unsurprisingly, voted for option D: Flute – which then convinced the star that that should be his answer, confirming his choice with Clarkson and it being deemed correct. 

Whilst those in the studio were able to laugh off the light-hearted exchange, fans across social media were in disbelief at how Haye didn’t know the correct answer initially. 


However, credit where credit is due, “The Hayemaker” is renowned for being an incredible boxer and sportsman and will no doubt go down in history as a legend of the sport, and the clip certainly makes for an entertaining watch!

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