Ranking the 2021/22 Premier League Away Kits from Worst to Best

Premier League Away Kits 2021/22

Football fans across the globe are gearing up for the return of the Premier League and we have ranked all the away kits for the 2021/22 season.

Over the years we have seen some truly amazing kits, but there have also been some awful kits which leave many wondering how they were even made in the first place.

With Crystal Palace finally releasing their home kit in early August, we ranked all the home kits for the new campaign.

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The 2021/22 season has treated us to some exciting away kits; teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City have really upped their game for this campaign.

Here are all 20 Premier League away kits for the 2021/22 season ranked.

20: Burnley

The Burnley kit looks pretty bland so many will most likely buy the third kit or the home strip. It works well, but just doesn’t compete with some of the other away kits out there.

19: Watford

There have been many questions raised about the quality of Watford’s home kit, and these same questions are being asked about the away one too.

This is the Hornet’s return to the Premier League but the quality of their away kit still screams Championship.

Watford Away Kit

18: Southampton

The Saints have tried to replicate some of their kits of old with the simple yellow and blue, but they have made better ones in the past and the kit just does not compare to some of the ones released this season.

Southampton Away Kit 2021/22

17: Newcastle

Newcastle have a lot of issues on the pitch, and they tried to change things up this season by bringing in a new kit maker named Castore.

This has not been a good decision and even though the gold on the kit looks good, the rest of it just doesn’t seem to work.

Newcastle United Away Kit 2021/22

16: Leicester City

Leicester have gone for a turquoise colour which looks good; however, the patterns they have on the away shirt ruin it completely. The sponsor doesn’t look too great either.

Leicester City Away Kit 2021/22

15: West Ham

The Hammers are off on a European tour this campaign, but their away kit doesn’t get anywhere near the top six when it comes to away kits. The colours work well, but the huge sponsor and the collar ruin the kit. 

West Ham Away Kit 2021/22

14: Everton

Everton have gone with a nice black and red look with a diagonal stripe, and this really works well on the kit. The kit sponsor is blacked out which adds nicely to the design but there are just a lot more better kits this campaign.

Everton away kit 2021/22

13: Chelsea

Chelsea’s kit had the potential to be better, and the yellow and black works well, but it is another kit which has been ruined by the huge logo of their sponsor.

Chelsea Away Kit 2021/22

12: Norwich

Norwich have returned to the Premier League after a season in the Championship and their kits are a lot better than the ones we have seen in recent years – especially their away one. The dark grey and the light blue work nicely.

Norwich Away Kit 2021/22

11: Brighton and Hove Albion

Brighton and Hove Albion are another team who have gone for a turquoise kit, but unlike Leicester’s, it works very nicely. This combined with a nice pattern on the sleeve means the club have a decent away kit this campaign.

Brighton Away Kit 2021/22

10: Brentford

It is Brentford’s first season in the Premier League and the Bees have made a very decent kit. It is simple but effective and the yellow works nicely with the dark coloured badge and the sponsor.

Brentford away kit 2021/22

9: Liverpool

Liverpool are one of many teams whose kit is inspired by a famous strip of the past and they have done a very good job. The colours are very unique to any other away strip we have seen and it is good enough to make the top 10.

Liverpool away kit 2021/22

8: Wolves

The away kits of Wolves in the last few seasons have not been great, but they have done a very good job with the one this season. They have kept it simple and the pattern they have works very well with the colour of the kit.

Wolves Away Kit 2021/22

7: Aston Villa

Like Liverpool, Aston Villa’s away kit is based off a kit of former years and it’s a great design showing how good white on a strip can be. This with the simple claret lines down the shirt make it a very good design.

Aston Villa away kit 2021/22

6: Leeds

Leeds’ away kit is another one which shows that going simple can be very good.

The pattern in the darker blue of the main colour of the kit has worked perfectly and no doubt many fans will be buying this kit.

Leeds Away kit 2021/22

5: Crystal Palace

The Eagles had a disaster with their kits last season, but their 2021/22 strips are the complete opposite. The yellow works well with the red and blue lines going down on one side of the kit, and they have added a great touch by having the outlines of an Eagle on the kit.

Crystal Palace away kit 2021/22

4: Arsenal

Arsenal and Adidas have made some great designs over recent years and they have continued to do so for the 2021/22 season. The away strip is a great colour and works well with the stripes on the shoulders.

Arsenal away kit 2021/22

3: Manchester United

Manchester United have based their away kits off one of their best strips of the past and it has worked perfectly. New sponsor Team Viewer’s logo works excellently with the blue and white of the kit as well.

Manchester United away kit 2021/22

2: Manchester City

Manchester City have shown that white can be made beautiful and they have done this by making the badge crest and sponsors a lovely range of colours. Many will definitely be buying the kit this season.

Manchester City away kit 2021/22

1: Tottenham Hotspur

We have gone from simple to simply out of this world when you compare City’s kit with Spurs.

Tottenham have done a great job with a very complicated pattern which works perfectly with the colours they have used.

Tottenham Hotspur away kit 2021/22

No doubt these kits will light up the football pitches throughout the course of the 2021/22 Premier League season and we hope to see some magic moments in these away kits.

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