Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Redeem Codes (December 2021) - How to Redeem, Diamonds and More

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Redeem Codes

Mobile multiplayer battle arena game Mobile Legends releases promo codes every month and we have all the latest codes.

Redeem codes are a great way for players to unlock free rewards, and in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you typically get things like free diamonds and magic dust.

Players who enjoy this game will no doubt keep an eye out for the latest codes, and they have to be quick as they all have expiry times.

This type of feature is very popular in games on the mobile, and here is all the information you need to know to get these latest codes.

Latest Mobile Legends Bang Bang Redeem Codes (December 2021)

  • baut3njr234r22d77
  • 6v62gg7qhtyx22d4t
  • mlbbblackfriday
  • ypxwe83b2udw22d4r
  • mlbb11megasale
  • 4brrwp7wqp2h22cgc
  • 9bx9b584m5se22cpy

Expired Mobile Legends Bang Bang Redeem Codes 

  • 90m47t7jg
  • 2ghbw228lqs
  • qszm29yy4cmr22bkf
  • ovs2kbc228kj
  • fswj228knvd
  • v2rsqkv227mb
  • 9eb2yhn5m8v522bxt
  • 9dw2bna5j2zz22bxu 
  • 9y9y7exqkdxv22bxt 
  • 030dm77jg- Redeem this new code to get rewards.
  • ck3bcw9rc47622abu- Redeem this new code to get rewards.
  • eu3yequqx98722cb4- Redeem this new code to get rewards.
  • 8k2u167jg- Redeem this new code to get rewards.
  • qj5jl77jg- Redeem this new code to get rewards.
  • 4n4fq6nxm8pc22b6t
  • 4thrmu7jmapw22b6t
  • b7udgtr2sq2r22bdc
  • rbp8rxewt7ph22afc
  • se94be2mm2dr22afc
  • MLBB515onBoardwithSkywee
  • 7ztdzqz7t9e222ae3
  • fqvxmy6ewevc22a75
  • ChouGift
  • SelenaGift
  • 34ws5frwwxhe229dw
  • playlegends
  • ck3bcw9rc47622abu
  • bewithu
  • iloveu
  • ‚Äč‚Äčimus
  • ye5u44c34n4y22bpy
  • 2yebqh48abzn22bkf
  • WeekendOffer
  • Keepitup
  • cs94cdnuz2wc22bkf
  • e73ew6apd4zv22b66
  • eqq8jm9x3eua22b6t
  • dte8h4aff8xs22b6t
  • 4epjdv78g3rj22a22
  • Avpcgec28zg2229zt
  • 7d82zdkwy9c9229qx
  • vpnwf4jtgfhu229qx
  • rnrvxqrpawjg229qs
  • fastestwin
  • 0kill0deathwin
  • supporthero20kills
  • fu5mrxm5j7xc229zv
  • 5eqjbc423k7t229z2
  • francochallenge
  • savage
  • 6bootswin
  • gzjhasdpdtnw229fw
  • laylasgift
  • thanksgiving
  • staysafe
  • 34ws5frwwxhe229dw
  • bsnqii3b7
  • tfc6eb3u9nc4228tw
  • ffqwdcunnpjc228vj
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Promo Codes

How to redeem Mobile Legends Bang Bang Promo Codes

Redeeming promo codes on Mobile Legends is slightly different compared to other games as you do not redeem them on the actual game.

Developers Moonton have instead decided to set up a Mobile Legends Code Exchange website. When you get to this page, you follow these simple steps to redeem your codes and unlock diamonds and more.

  • First of all you need to find your account ID in the game (tap on your profile icon and you will notice your ID number on the right side of the screen)
  • You then go to Mobile Legends Code Exchange
  • When here you enter your redeem code
  • Then you enter your Game ID
  • You will then be given a Verification Code which you can find in-game
  • When you find it you enter the Verification Code and click "Redeem"

The game has been out for four years and managed to keep popularity, so the developers are doing a great job. These promo codes are another way to attract an audience and it seems to be working perfectly.

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