Conor McGregor encourages Nate Diaz & Dustin Poirier Twitter beef


UFC’s internet antics are unmatched.

The level of trolling that goes on is arguably the most entertaining in the world of sport.

Recently, rumours have begun to circulate the web that Dustin Poirier and Nate Diaz are in talks about a potential bout.

As many remember, Diaz was supposed to fight Poirier at UFC 230, but that unfortunately never came to fruition. Now, with Poirier at the top of his game, Diaz firmly believes he can confidently take down The Diamond.

A series of tweets from Diaz were evidently directed at Poirier, with some of them reading: “Let’s fight don’t be scared this time tho,” and “I knew you was a p**** b**** that’s 2-0.”

Poirier then clapped back at the 2-0 tweet by posting: “They’re lying and you’re getting played.”


The Twitter beef continued as Diaz’s latest tweet, which read: “Boss the f*** up quit being a lil b****, I do what I want, You do what you’re told,” was met with a reply from none other than Conor McGregor.

The Notorious has fought both Diaz (1-1) and Poirier (1-2), and as he continues his recovery from a broken leg, the Irishman seems to be enjoying the Twitter beef between two of his former opponents.

McGregor’s reply read: “Hahahahah continue going, I am entertained.”


With a long way to go until McGregor returns to the Octagon, UFC fans can expect the Irishman to be heavily involved in whatever internet chatter that comes his way.

As for Diaz, he is currently on a two-fight losing streak after falling to Jorge Masvidal and Leon Edwards.

While Poirier may have his sights set on a lightweight title bout with Charles Oliveira, many will be curious if Diaz’s words will get to him and whether a long-awaited Diaz-Poirier fight is potentially on the cards.

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