Meet Christian Wade & Efe Obada, the Buffalo Bills who are about to take the NFL by storm

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Buffalo Bills duo Christian Wade and Efe Obada

Christian Wade’s pearly whites quickly swim into focus.

The former rugby union star manages only a brief ‘hello’ before he promptly bursts out laughing after being swatted over the back of the head by Efe Obada

The Buffalo Bills banter back and forth with each other on the call like a pair of naughty British schoolboys.

But don’t excuse their playfulness for childish immaturity – they are two of the most hardworking and dedicated athletes in the world.

After leaving Dallas Cowboys in 2017, Obada, 29, originally tried out for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Atalanta Falcons, before being picked up by the Carolina Panthers in May 2017.

The Nigerian-born British athlete became the first player from the NFL International Player Pathway program to make a 53-man roster in 2018.  

Buffalo Bills duo Christian Wade and Efe Obada

Buffalo Bills duo Christian Wade and Efe Obada pose together in front of the cameras

Meanwhile Wade, 30, is a former professional rugby player who left the sport to pursue a career in the NFL. He is best known for his time at London Wasps, whom he signed for in 2011. 

The 30-year-old may have only officially won one cap for England, a fact which still baffles many people to this day, but he also scored 82 tries for Wasps in Premiership Rugby, which places him fourth on the all-time list. 

However, life hasn’t always been so easy for the former winger, who admits he has grown accustomed to overcoming adversity over the the past couple of years in particular. 

Buffalo Bills running back Christian Wade makes his pro debut

Buffalo Bills running back Christian Wade made his debut in the pre-season game against the Indianapolis Colts

“Well, I’ve been doing this for a long time now, in terms of professional sports since I was 18,” he exclusively told GIVEMESPORT. “So for me, it was just something that, I guess, not that I’ve had the same experience, but you know, there’s a lot of comparisons with rugby as well.

“So I was able to just approach it just like any other kind of adversity in my career, just take one day at a time, just keep on top of knowing what I need to know, and using it as an opportunity to kind of fill in the holes really where I might have been behind on some stuff.

“I think that’s put me in a good position for this year. Now that pre-season is back, having a full training camp, everything’s looking good so far.”

Buffalo Bills running back Christian Wade

Buffalo Bills star Christian Wade in conversation before the match at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London

And the Bills don’t seem to have forgotten about the amount of hours he spends on the practise fields. 

“Honestly? Christian, he’s so loved here,” Obada adds. “He’s like a celebrity within this organisation in this building.”

Wade chimes in: “I’m not a celebrity!”

To which Obada replies: “You are a celebrity. You’re a superstar.

He continues: “He’s just good to be around and he just makes everybody laugh.

“He’s so bubbly and energetic but then at the same time when you’re out in the field you can see that he’s really working hard and he’s there for a reason.

“Now he’s taking the time to really work on his craft.”

Buffalo Bills star Christian Wade turns on the afterburners

Buffalo Bills ace Christian Wade turns on the afterburners against the Carolina Panthers

Wade also spoke about the first time he met Obada after moving to the IMG Academy, insisting that his fellow Brit’s warm demeanour helped put him at ease after initially being starstruck upon his arrival.

“I knew Efe from before, I’ve actually followed his journey, we got to meet when I went to IMG, he came back to help us a bit and obviously work out and get ready for the season,” Wade adds.

“That was the first time we actually spoke, we spent time together as we were actually staying in the same house. 

“And then obviously, you know, three years later, we’re on the same team. It’s amazing, it’s very amazing.” 

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