Conor McGregor named 'the most underpaid fighter in history' by Jake Paul

  • Alex Batt

Conor McGregor has been labelled ‘the most underpaid fighter in history’ by none other than Jake Paul.

Despite the two having an intense rivalry, well, Paul trying to tell the world they have an intense rivalry, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has actually been highly complimentary of the Irishman in a recent interview.

Whilst Paul has been making a name for himself in the combat sport world over the past year or so, McGregor has been the star attraction for many years now, becoming the main man in Dana White‘s UFC company.

Winning big fights after big fights, and bringing millions of eyes to the organisation, it’s hard to argue with McGregor’s star power and his worth to the fighting industry.

Even recently, despite not being at his peak anymore, his fights with Donald Cerrone and his two with Dustin Poirier have been massive for UFC.

Some have argued McGregor hasn’t been the same man since his defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov back in 2018, but even despite this, and despite the losses, he’s still White’s biggest cash cow.

And despite topping the Forbes list for highest-paid athlete of 2020, Paul believes Notorious is still underpaid for what he brings to the combat sport world.


“I partnered with Stephen Espinoza [the head of Showtime Boxing, Jake’s broadcaster] because he created the biggest PPVs in history & made sure fighters got majority of the revenue,” Paul said, as per the Mirror. “Not 10% like UFC does.

“[Conor] McGregor is the most underpaid fighter in history [for] what he gets paid to fight versus the value he has brought to UFC, ESPN and MMA.”

After losing the trilogy fight with Poirier last month, snapping his leg in the first round in the process, the future of Conor McGregor is certainly unknown.

Will he ever be able to fight again? Will he ever be back inside a UFC Octagon? Will he go back to boxing? Or will he turn his eye to WWE?

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Where was Conor McGregor born?

So many unanswered questions surrounding the Irishman, but one thing is for sure, the combat sport world is richer because of him.

Even Jake Paul knows that…

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