Spurs 1-0 Man City: Fans think Jack Grealish accused Lucas of 'diving' in Premier League loss

  • Kobe Tong

Jack Grealish didn’t exactly enjoy a dream full debut for Manchester City.

Having completed the most expensive deal in Premier League history to leave Aston Villa, all eyes were on the England star when he walked out for Sunday’s clash with Tottenham Hotspur.

In fact, Grealish was lining up in one of the most expensive starting XIs in football history with mega-money signings Ruben Dias, Raheem Sterling and Riyad Mahrez lining up alongside him.

Grealish makes full Man City debut

However, more than £500-million worth of players couldn’t guarantee the three points for Pep Guardiola as Spurs ran away 1-0 victors courtesy of a superb strike from Heung-min Son.

It was a dream win for Nuno Espírito Santo in which Lucas Moura dropped one of his greatest ever performances in English football, doing more than enough to outshine his £100 million counterpart.

Tottenham 1-0 Man City Highlights (Football Terrace)

And there was an interesting moment in the second-half when Moura and Grealish came in direct competition with one another, duly igniting to one of the more heated exchanges in the game.

Grealish and Moura incident

That’s because Grealish conceded a free-kick for the Citizens with a reckless tackle on Moura from behind, but the City man didn’t look all-too happy with what looked to be the correct decision.

And there are many supporters that think Grealish was accusing the Brazilian of diving, which was viewed in somewhat amusing light when you consider the City star’s reputation in that department.


There are numerous instances where Grealish seemed to have been guilty of simulation, so fans couldn’t help laughing at the idea of the 25-year-old throwing those accusations around himself.

Fans: Grealish accused Moura of ‘diving’

Football writer Leane Prescott tweeted: “Jack Grealish moaning at Lucas for hitting the deck is a new level of irony.”

While fellow writer Zach Lowy posted: “Jack Grealish fouling Lucas Moura and then accusing him of diving is literally the textbook definition of “pot calling the kettle black.””

And they weren’t alone in their convictions because hundreds of fans mused that Grealish had accused Moura of diving and joked accordingly with many a comedic tweet. Check some of them out here:


So, what do you reckon: did Grealish point the finger of ‘diving’ at his Spurs rival? 

A frustrating day at the office

Obviously, only those on the pitch know exactly what was said, but there’s pretty good reason to think that Grealish was protesting that Moura went down too easily at the very least.

Either way, though, the incident served to sum up what proved to be a frustrating full debut for the most expensive signing in English football history and the reigning Premier League champions, too.



No doubt both the Citizens and Grealish will come back fighting, but make no mistake that spending £100 million doesn’t ensure that the path to glory isn’t without bumps in the road.

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