Destiny 2 Season 15: Leaks Reveal Full List Of Warmind Cell Nerfs Arriving

Destiny 2 Season 15

Destiny 2 Season 15 is just over a week away and a reliable leaker has revealed the full list of Warmind Cell Nerfs coming to the game.

During seasons, we see a lot of weapons, armour and more either be nerfed or buffed during updates, and season 15 will be no different. Some of the weapons and armour coming to the game has been recently revealed.

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Developers Bungie have done a great job bringing fresh content every season, so gamers should be very excited at what season 15 will have to offer.

A lot of players have been using Warmind Cells lately, so rumours of a nerf will not go down amazingly with the fan base.

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Warmind Cell Nerfs Coming to Destiny 2 Season 15

For those who are unsure, Warmind Cells are orange orbs that can be damaged, creating a massive explosion when destroyed.

The leaker revealed the nerfs for these Warmind Cells have changed quite a few things around the explosive orbs and they are:

Base Warming Cells

  • The radius has been reduced for the explosion/effect range of Warmind Cells from 10-6 metres.
  • The damage of the explosion has also been reduced. It used to be 200-400 but now it is 50-250.

Global Reach

  • The mod cost of the global reach has now been increased to 3.
  • Bungie has reduced the amount of radius increase from 20-10 metres.

Cellular Suppression

  • The duration of the suppressing effect when using Cellular Suppression has been reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

Wrath of Rasputin

  • The bonus Solar Damage has been reduced. It used to be 100-200 but now it is 25-100.

Although these are all nerfs, these changes are clearly ones that Bungie felt were needed to make it more balanced and hopefully it does just that.

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