Best touch ever? Insane montage of football star who wowed Ian Wright goes viral

Freda Ayisi

Freda Ayisi, the football star with the golden touch, has gone viral once again on social media with her latest video.

The Ghana-born playmaker is well-known on Twitter and TikTok for her insane skill on the ball. Ayisi has built up a huge following of supporters who love to watch her jaw-dropping control and accuracy.

In her latest video, she has asked fans which part of an insane skills montage they like the most.

In the clip originally posted to her TikTok account, Ayisi shows off three different touches, all incredible in their own right. The video has been viewed more than 25,000 times on Twitter alone.

The 26-year-old starts off by taking an effortless touch to control a ball being thrown to her from a third-floor balcony. In the second example, she uses her freestyle skills to do kick-ups while sitting on the floor, followed by a stunning around the world touch to round off the montage. 

Ayisi has captioned the video ‘Pick a touch’, which has brought hundreds of fans to her page to comment on their favourite clip.

This isn’t the first time Ayisi has wowed thousands with her skill. She has a number of viral videos on her social media channels, including one that Ian Wright responded to on TikTok.

As a player who came through the Arsenal academy, Ayisi had already impressed the Emirates legend with her North London roots. But her skill on the ball completely wowed the ex-striker.

In a Stitch response to one of Ayisi’s videos, Wright is visibly blown away by her talent. In a segment he has branded ‘Wrighty Reacts’, he posted the video to his personal TikTok account, which pulled in almost 30,000 likes.

Ayisi recently signed for Lewes from London City Lionesses ahead of the 2021/22 season. You can read our recent exclusive with Lewis CEO Maggie Murphy here.

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