Dana White 'stole everything' from WWE CEO Vince McMahon


Former MMA referee John McCarthy has claimed that UFC president Dana White stole his ‘persona’ from WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

The success of the UFC since White, as well as the Fertitta brothers, became president in 2001 has sky-rocketed.

In those 20 years, they have turned the already successful company into that of a globally recognised, multi-billion-pound promotion.

White is seen by many as the face of the UFC; his real-talking, no-nonsense approach as well as his famous post-match interviews, that gain popularity due to them being so unfiltered, is what makes events so entertaining.

However, a former referee that worked alongside the president seems to think that a lot of this success is down to White adopting traits of Vince McMahon, CEO of the WWE.

The referee, McCarthy, spoke on the matter during a recent episode of his podcast ‘Weighing In’, he said:


“Dana needs to bow down to Vince [McMahon] because he stole everything from Vince. He stole his persona, he stole exactly how he runs his company, all of that.

“So to sit there and say that Vince couldn’t have written this better, ok, well he taught you exactly what to do and you’re the one that kind of tried to build this together by creating this fake title for a guy that shouldn’t be the champion based upon you have a real champion sitting there.”

The comments were fuelled by White claiming that McMahon couldn’t script the upcoming heavyweight title unification fight involving former teammates Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane.


The two owners have a long-standing rivalry, which they were able to put on hold to allow former WWE star Brock Lesnar compete as a UFC fighter.

In 2016, when appearing on Hot 97, White commented on the globally known CEO, saying: “Yeah, I still talk to Vince, [we talk about] nothing but business.

He is not a shoot the s**t kind of guy, I can shoot the s**t, but Vince is not that guy. Vince is all business.”


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It seems as though the two money-making powerhouses are able to put their bad blood aside to focus on their main concern: business.

Yet, knowing Dana White, he won’t take the comments of the former referee lightly, especially when it comes to a jab at the Bostonian’s personality and success.

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