Apex Legends Season 10 Tier List: Best Weapons To Use

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has an array of weapons for gamers to choose from, so we have compiled a list of the best guns to use in season 10.

Players are loving the battle royale game and popularity has increased recently because Call of Duty Warzone is full of hackers at the moment.

There are constant updates in Apex which include nerfs or buffs to the weapons in the game; due to this, the best weapons are constantly changing.

The latest gun to be added to Apex Legends was a light machine gun called the Rampage and we hope that we might see another weapon added soon.

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Here are the 10 best weapons to use in Apex Legends season 10:

10: Eva-8 Auto

If you love the close-combat fighting in King’s Canyon, the Eva-8 Automatic shotgun is for you. With a decent fire and damage rate, you could cause big problems in Apex.

9: Wingman

Despite the Wingman only being a revolver, it can deal some great damage and it is good for those who are very accurate at shooting on Apex. It also has a pretty quick reload time.

8: Prowler

The Alternator is a good submachine gun that uses heavy rounds. It is slightly different from the other SMG’s as it is a burst gun. This means you can deal with a lot of damage very quickly.

7: Rampage

The new light machine gun added to the game made a big difference as it has a quick damage rate and also deals a lot of damage.

It has slight recoil, but when you get used to it, you will be able to take down a lot of enemies in-game.

6: R-99

This submachine gun is good to use in the game, but only if you are a player who is very accurate when shooting.

If you combine it with the right attachments, it will be very hard to lose close-range battles.

5: R-301 Carbine

This assault rifle is good for both close and medium range and deals a fair bit of damage.

With one of the best fire rates in comparison to other assault rifles, it is one of the top guns to pick.

4: Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle is a directed-energy battery-fed sniper rifle that deals a lot of damage from long range and as the name suggests it can be charged up to deal more damage to your opponents.

3: Flatline

This assault rifle which uses heavy rounds may not have the fire rate of the carbine; however, it is slightly better as it is easier to control. It is one of the top three guns to use currently in Apex.

2: Kraber

This .50 calibre sniper is the best long-range rifle to use in Apex Legends.

Being able to fire powerful shots from afar is key in King’s Canyon as it is a pretty open map and its variable scope makes it easy to spot enemies from far away.

1: Volt

This submachine gun is the best to use in the game at the moment. With a great fire rate and automatic fire, you can easily win both short and medium-ranged battles with this gun.

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