Gary Neville: Laura Woods praises pundit for treatment of female colleagues

Laura Woods and Gary Neville

The glass ceiling is continuously being shattered by women in the broadcasting world.

Alex Scott is making huge waves thanks to her regular punditry positions and new role as the presenter of Football Focus, and Emma Hayes impressed with her commentary during the 2020 Euros.

Another trailblazing woman who is inspiring the nation is Laura Woods. The Sky Sports star recently revealed her thoughts on Gary Neville and how he continues to help her be the best she can be in her role.

Speaking on the 'Tea With Timbsy' YouTube series, Woods was asked who she thought was someone who was really good at their job within the sporting industry.

Without hesitation, the presenter lauded Neville for his high professionalism and standard of punditry. 

"He's the best guy for many different reasons," she said. "When I first met him I was terrified of him. When he's not on air and he doesn't know you, he just looks stern doesn't he?"

But despite the early nerves, Woods explained how the Manchester United icon made her feel at home and welcome during the early stages of her role with Sky Sports. She also admitted "he drags your standard up" when it comes to working on air.

"If you're below par and you're not on his level, it shows. I'll work harder when I know I'm working with Gary. I will never work with Gary and not learn something."

Woods then described Neville as a "champion of women".

Between the online trolls, sexist comments, and limited opportunities for women in sport, sometimes all it takes is the smallest of gestures from the industry's household names to start a ripple effect.

Ian Wright celebrating at the Euros with Emma Hayes, men's football stars cheering on their male counterparts – the slightest of positive movement can have the biggest impact.

"He's got two little girls and obviously his wife – he lives with women," Woods continued. "He obviously understands women and sees why maybe in some scenarios you need to give them just a little bit more support. I've always been appreciative of that from him."

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