Pokemon GO: Can Heracross be Shiny?

Heracross can be captured in certain regions in Pokemon GO.

More and more questions are being asked whether certain species on Pokemon GO can be of a Shiny variant.

While there are well over 700 different types of Pokemon that players can now catch in the virtual augmented reality (AR) series, the standard editions tend to be snubbed for more lucrative versions these days.

Heracross is one of those that has come under the microscope – one of the few forms from the Johto region (generation two) that does not have a form of evolution.

According to the game’s Pokedex, it is a Bug and Fighting-type, also known as the Single Horn Pokemon, that possesses great strength and power and enjoys feasting on fresh sap that is found in leafy trees.

While trainers are always on the hunt for Shiny variants, they will be wondering if they can add Heracross to that list.

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Can Heracross be Shiny?

The great news is that, yes, Heracross can be caught as a Shiny and is equally as rare as any other Pokemon that appears in the same way. While the chances are small, it is worth getting out there and seeing if you can find one.

We know this as a Reddit user confirmed that he caught one himself, discovered in its alternate candy pink form as opposed to its midnight blue colour.

Reddit user u/NickJamessssssss caught a Shiny Heracross.

So trainers can add Heracross to their respective schedules in terms of which Pokemon can be captured. Whether it is in a future Community Day or a special event in which Heracross appear more often, this will be down in almost every player’s calendar.

Time will tell whether Niantic will provide trainers with the chance to do just that. But having recently appeared in three-star raids, that will be the best way to find a Heracross for now.

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