Devon Larratt: Who is the man fighting Hafthor Bjornsson instead of Eddie Hall?


Game of Thrones actor and world renowned strongman Hafthor 'The Mountain' Bjornsson has found an opponent to step in for the injured Eddie Hall.

The 6ft 9in Icelandic giant will now fight Canadian arm wrestling legend Devon Larratt on September 18 in the boxing ring after his original opponent had to withdraw after detaching his bicep in training.

But that brings up the question, who exactly is Devon Larratt and how did he get into the situation where he’s boxing ‘The Mountain’?

Devon Larratt, 46, is a former Canadian special forces member and professional arm wrestler, where he is widely considered as one of the best of all time and is currently ranked No.1 in North America.

He began arm wrestling with his grandmother, who claimed to be the “best arm wrestling woman in Alberta.” This sparked his interest in the sport of arm wrestling, however, any hopes of a pro career would be put on hold.

Larratt then joined the Canadian special forces aged 21 and served 16 years before retiring from the forces after being wounded in Afghanistan.

After leaving the special forces, Larratt progressed into professional arm wrestling and got his big break in the sport in 2008, when he beat legendary John Brzenk 6-0, becoming the first man in 25 years to beat Brzenk in a super-match.

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From then, Devon Larratt defeated other great arm wrestlers such as Jerry Cadorette, Andriy Pushkar, Travis Bagent, Michael Todd, Dave Chaffee, Marcio Barboza, Ron Bath and Denis Cyplenkov en route to winning the Legacy Hammer, which he is still in possession of.

The hammer is a symbolic representation of the world's best arm wrestler. Larratt and Levan Saginshvili are planning to fight for the Legacy Hammer in 2022.

For Devon Larratt, this bout with Hafthor Bjornsson will be his first foray into the world of boxing. His background in special forces may help him with the fundamentals in this fight, but at least physically, there’s not many harder opponents for a first fight, but Larratt has never been one to back down from a challenge, and it will be interesting to see how he does in the bout on September 18.

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