Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: KSI makes 'absolutely destroy' prediction


While many had hoped Jake Paul would fight KSI in his fourth professional bout, the American internet star opted for former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

The fight is now less than two weeks away and the online predictions have started to grow in numbers. One celebrity who has had their say on who they believe will take the victory is KSI himself.

Ever since fighting Logan Paul for the second time in November 2019, KSI has yet to make a return to boxing and has shifted his focus to music and his receptive YouTube endeavours.

The internet knows the tension that still exists between Jake Paul and KSI, however, and while many had hoped they would settle it in the ring, there has been no new developments on whether the two YouTube heavyweights will go toe-to-toe later this year.

Despite being 1-0 in his professional boxing career, KSI is currently 0-2 with his Jake Paul predictions. He said that his American rival would lose to both Gib and Ben Askren, but as we all know, Paul won both those fights.

Now, after speaking to YouTuber HarveyMSc, KSI has taken a different approach with his prediction and has used reverse psychology. He has come out and said Paul will win, in the hope that his trend of picking the eventual loser as the predicted winner continues.

KSI said: “Jake Paul’s going to win.

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"He’s going to absolutely destroy - absolutely destroy Tyron Woodley.

"I haven’t wanted him to win for years and he keeps winning. So, at this point, it’s like, ‘Do your thing. Yeah. Do your thing. You’re in your element. You’re in your moment’."

The pair have been going at each other on the internet in recent months, with KSI having posted a video on TikTok that mocks Jake Paul after the Brit made a song with Lil Wayne, who is the 3-0 boxer’s apparent idol.

Paul also included KSI on his “hit list,” as per a recent Instagram post.

With Jake Paul now fighting esteemed combat athletes, is there still any chance we see the American enter the ring with KSI in the near future?

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