Hafthor Bjornsson vs Devon Larratt: What happened when the two arm wrestled


The Game of Thrones actor and strongman Hafthor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson was set to face British strongman Eddie Hall in an exhibition boxing match that was scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 18, but with the Brit unfortunately suffering a detached bicep, the fight is set to be rescheduled for around March 2022.

Fortunately, the Icelandic strongman has been able to scout a new opponent for the same date; he will face ex-Canadian special forces member and professional arm wrestler Devon Larratt in the ring next month - and the two aren’t strangers.

On May 26, Larrett posted a picture to his Instagram account showing himself half-hugging Bjornsson, captioned: “Looking forward to @thorbjornsson’s fight this Friday, he is in fantastic shape!! Amazing to watch this guy getting ready for the biggest fight ever!!” Thor replied: “Great to meet you champ. Good luck Friday.”

The pair also met back in 2015 when they faced-off for a fascinating arm wrestling challenge.

The clip, that can be seen further down this article, notes the comparable stats between the two; showing that Hafthor is 6”9 weighing 419lbs, meanwhile Larratt is 6”5 weighing 225lbs - half of his opponent’s weight! 

Yet, when it came to arm wrestling, the weight difference meant very little.

The pair started the first contest with their right arms, and the Canadian soon proved why he’s the professional. After 30 seconds of both wrestlers pushing their limits, Larratt manoeuvred downward off the table as he brought Thor’s arm with him, and the strongman conceded defeat with a smile. 

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It was then time for the two to try again, this time with their left arms, and Larratt dominated this one in around 10 seconds - with the pain on Bjornsson’s face evident.

Still, they took their games to best out of five, and this time Thor was going all in. He stood this time, leaning over their arms and attempting to put all his force into his right arm, he was able to move Larratt’s arm slightly in his favour and the two smiled as they ended the match.

One thing that stayed evident throughout their whole encounter was the respect the two had for one another; both competitors had a smile on their face after each arm wrestle and ended their meet with a handshake, pat on the back, hug and a flex of their ridiculously large biceps! 

Ironically, Thor even raised Larratt’s arm in victory at the end and pointed at him in a manner which said: “He won!” possibly foreshadowing the outcome of their match next month?

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