Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea: What is the biggest rivalry in the Premier League?

Liverpool fans have voted Manchester City as their biggest rivals

Rivalries are something that makes football the greatest sport in the world.

Many football fans go into a weekend supporting multiple teams. Their favourite club and the sides playing your biggest rivals.

We just love to hate other teams and there’s no better place than the Premier League for that.

With England being a relatively small country, there are plenty of local - and historical - rivalries across the land.

There are currently six clubs in London, while the midlands, Manchester and Liverpool also boast more than one club.

With supporters, home and away, returning to stadiums this season, those rivalries will only increase in 2021/22.

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When was Arsenal Football Club founded?

But what are the biggest rivalries in the Premier League?

Well, research compiled by SkyBet in partnership with YouGov has found out. They asked each Premier League fanbase which club is their biggest rivalry. Essentially, which club do they hate the most?

The results are rather interesting.

Take a look before we go into them in more detail:

Premier League rivals

Premier League rivals

Okay, so 96% of Everton fans consider Liverpool as their biggest rivals. A surprise? Not really.

Brighton fans are also consistent in their hatred of Crystal Palace with 90% of their fanbase disliking the Eagles.

In return, 73% of Palace fans think Brighton are their biggest rivals.

It may not be the biggest rivalry but both sets of supporters are in agreement.

Meanwhile, 76% of Wolves fans think Aston Villa are their biggest rivals.

Everton fans hate Liverpool

Now, let’s take a look at the big clubs.

Arsenal: 71% of fans see north London rivals Tottenham as their biggest enemy. Interestingly, 2% fewer Spurs fans see Arsenal as the club they hate the most.

Just more than half (56%) of Manchester City fans see Manchester United are their biggest rival. The feeling is mutual with 54% of Man Utd supporters hating on Man City. However, 41% of Man Utd fans opted for Liverpool.

One of the biggest surprises is that Liverpool supporters (54%) now consider Man City as their biggest rival. That’s what a couple of title challenges does to you.

Interestingly, Chelsea supporters (34%) have ignored Arsenal, Tottenham, Leeds and Liverpool and now also consider Man City as their biggest rivals.

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