Pokemon Legends Arceus: What is the release date?

Pokemon Legends Arceus will provide all-new features as well as newly discovered species.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the all-new addition to the long-running series that has taken the globe by storm.

The mission to ‘catch ’em all’ continues with newly added features to this Nintendo Switch title, along with a new region and recently discovered species for players to capture.

Legends Arceus takes trainers to the region of Hisui, which they will recognise as the Sinnoh region before it was recognised that way – and during a time where man and Pokemon were still not considered to mix.

Not only are Game Freak providing us with an entirely new insight into Pokemon itself with its slightly ancient approach, but the developers have recently shown off more of its battle system which is fairly different than usual.

Because of this, fans will be eager to find out when Legends Arceus will be released, and when the first opportunity will be to explore this stunning open-world game.

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Hisuian Growlithe is one of two new Pokemon being added to Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Date

While Game Freak are starting to show more of their poker hand, it is still early days and the launch date may seem a great distance to some.

The developers have confirmed that Pokemon Legends Arceus will be released on 28th January 2022 for Nintendo Switch 

Yes, this may seem like a long way off but it is most certainly a date that trainers should circle and mark in their respective calendars. 

That being said, Pokemon Legends Arceus is already available to pre-order through Nintendo’s official website and other particular UK retailers. 

So make sure that you are first in line to sample some of the most unique Pokemon gaming experiences you are likely to witness in many years.

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