Best penalty ever? Charles Aránguiz's incredible spot-kick during Chile vs Brazil at World Cup

Charles Aránguiz took an incredible penalty for Chile vs Brazil

When you think of the greatest penalty takers of all time, who do you think of?

Matt Le Tissier? Steven Gerrard? Alessandro Del Piero?

As a professional footballer, you’re fully expected to score every time you step up for a spot-kick. However, two of the greatest players of have ever played the game - Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo - have had their struggles from 12 yards.

But when naming the greatest penalty takers ever, why does nobody name Bayer Leverkusen captain, Charles Aranguiz?

Well, probably due to the fact that he’s only taken two penalties for the club with a 50% record.

However, he’s fared a lot better for his previous club, Club Universidad de Chile, scoring all 10 penalties in matches in his native country.

But he’s also taken some pretty important penalties for his country in penalty shootouts.

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Who's this Spurs legend?

Not only did he score a vital spot-kick for Chile against Argentina in the 2016 Copa America final but, two years earlier, he scored one of the greatest penalties of all time.

At the Brazilian World Cup, Chile took the hosts to a penalty shootout in their last-16 clash.

However, after Mauricio Pinilla and Alexis Sanchez missed Chile’s first two kicks, they were really up against it when Marcelo put Brazil 2-0 ahead.

Aránguiz really had to score.

He stepped up against Julio Cesar and smashed an unstoppable penalty into the top corner as the goalkeeper remained rooted to the spot.

Video: Charles Aránguiz's penalty vs Brazil


The sound it made as it crashed against the net against the backdrop of the Brazilian fans whistling is just fantastic.

On the biggest stage of them all, that’s surely one of the best penalties ever scored.

Unfortunately for Aránguiz for his teammates, Brazil went on to win the shootout before their embarrassing 7-1 defeat to Germany in the semi-final.

However, this penalty wasn't a one-off. A compilation video is on YouTube showing Aránguiz taking important spot-kicks for his country and he really doesn't hold back during pressure moments.

Video: Compilation of Charles Aránguiz's penalties

What a guy.

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