Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters: Who is the best to choose?

Cyndaquil, Rowlet and Oshawott will be the three starter Pokemon in Legends Arceus.

The Pokemon company is taking the series back in time with Game Freak’s all-new title, Pokemon Legends Arceus.

While this new edition essentially has the same concept of trying to ‘catch ’em all’, there is a new twist in comparison to older titles in the series that makes this game stand out.

Legends Arceus will see trainers embark in the region of Hisui, a place that would be later known as Sinnoh years later, during a time where humans and Pokemon were kept apart.

The starter Pokemon that players will have to choose from are some of the rarest species from previous titles and will give them a solid foundation to begin their latest Pokemon journey across the ancient lands.

That being said, let’s get into it and find out more about the Pokemon you start with and which is the best to choose.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is set to launch at the beginning of 2022.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Starters

The three Pokemon are as follows and a Pokedex description has been added:

  • Cyndaquil (Johto) (Fire-type) – Cyndaquil protects itself by flaring up the flames on its back. The flames are vigorous if the Pokémon is angry. … Cyndaquil protects itself by flaring up the flames on its back. The flames are vigorous if the Pokémon is angry. However, if it is tired, the flames splutter fitfully with incomplete combustion.
  • Rowlet (Alola) (Grass- and Flying-type) – It sends its feathers, which are as sharp as blades, flying in attack. Its legs are strong, so its kicks are also formidable.
  • Oshawott (Unova) (Water-type) – The scalchop on its stomach isn’t just used for battle—it can be used to break open hard berries as well.

Which is the best starter?

It is easy to argue in favour of Cyndaquil. Across all past games, it will go on to evolve into a Typhlosion – a ferociously strong Pokemon with high attack stats but will struggle against Water-type species.

This links into the long-term logic that you need before selecting any starter Pokemon – across all games. As a result, Rowlet is the one that you need to choose. Let us explain.


While Rowlet starts as a Grass- and Flying-type, it will eventually turn into a Grass and Ghost-type with its final evolution, Decidueye. This provides trainers with the edge of having a unique Pokemon type in their arsenal, meaning that it will be tricky to fight against.

Pokemon Database revealed that while Typloshion has phenomenal attacking power, its defence is average considering its level of evolution. Oshawott, who eventually evolves into Samurott, has the same problem. With 85 defence and 70 special defence 

In the case of Decidueye, it’s a different story. With 100 special defence and maintain its high attacking power of 107, it is a solid choice for any newcomer to Legends Arceus.

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