Thierry Henry: Footage of Arsenal legend humiliating Man City's defence is incredible

Thierry Henry is one of the greatest players in history

Thierry Henry was a special, special footballer.

In his prime, the Frenchman possessed the ability to make the professional game look easy, which as every football fan knows is incredibly difficult to do.

Few players in history have been able to do it and that's why many consider Henry to be the greatest player the Premier League has ever seen.

He netted 175 goals in the English top-flight during his two spells at Arsenal, as well as contributing 74 assists.

Those numbers are outrageous, but there was so much more to Henry's game than just stats.

During his peak years at Arsenal, absolutely everything positive went through the World Cup winner. 

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Henry would often be the one kickstarting attacks from deep and one of the best examples of that came in a game against Manchester City way back in 2006.

During the fixture we are talking about, the Frenchman picked up the ball near the halfway line and proceeded to charge towards the opposition's defence.

Henry managed to dribble his way past pretty much the entirety of City's back-line, before playing a successful one-two with a teammate.

The only downside was the fact that he was then unable to finish off the chance, but that still doesn't mean that the footage below isn't an absolute joy to watch.

Video: Henry humiliates City's defence

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Wow. Alan Shearer and Sergio Aguero are both two of the finest strikers in Premier League history, but could either of them have replicated the magic in the footage above? It's highly unlikely.

However, that was just another day at the office for Henry and we're still yet to see another striker quite like 'Titi'.

There is Kylian Mbappe, but even the Paris Saint-Germain superstar has a long way to go before he can lay claim to being as good as his predecessor.

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