Conor McGregor hits out at Khabib and defends Jose Aldo after The Eagle's recent comments

Conor McGregor has hit back at Khabib

On October 7, 2018, Khabib Nurmagomodev and Conor McGregor met in the Octagon for arguably the most high-profile bout ever.

The two are mortal enemies and there was no shortage of bad blood going into the fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Khabib would eventually win by submission in round four and all hell would break loose shortly after.

Nearly three years have passed since that historic day and the two are still embroiled in a bitter feud.

They have traded numerous blows over the years and the latest came from Khabib a few days ago.

The Russian fighter held a press conference to promote his MMA promotion.



Jose Aldo’s name was mentioned by a journalist who claimed he was back to his peak and Khabib took the time to bad mouth the 34-year-old.

“How [Aldo] is he showing it? He got beat up when he fought. Who’d he fight? He fought Petr [Yan] right? A guy wins one fight and then everyone starts talking.”

Khabib then started tearing into McGregor despite the Irishman’s name not even being mentioned.

Conor McGregor has defended Jose Aldo after Khabib's criticism

“When Conor fought Cowboy [Donald Cerrone] he looked like a lion. When he fights stronger opponents he looks like a scared chicken. Fighting top fighters shows your worth.

“Like I said, the level of Russia’s football team will be shown against Croatia, not Malta. A fight against Cowboy will not show what level you are at.”

Khabib then continued his assault on Aldo.

“Just like Aldo’s fight against Pedro Munhoz. Let him fight Petr the same way then we can say he’s peaking again.”

After accusing him of only fighting for money, he concluded: “There’s no way Aldo is having a second peak. You can try to prove it all you want but we’ve been through this. I know better thank you. You’re a journalist and I’m a fighter.”

It’s a few days since the press conference and McGregor has now responded.

He’s come to Aldo’s defence while attacking him for ducking Cerrone three times.

He wrote on Twitter: “This guy is still talking? Another press conference? You s*** your pants of cerrone your whole career.

“You pulled 3 times from him. Your father, god rest his soul, could not believe his eyes the way I beat Cerrone. You disrespect Cerrone and now Aldo too? You ran away. Shut up.”


He continued: “Another press conference? Haha for what? You are doing a whole load of nothing mate. You and Cerrone here locked in to fight since way back and you never had the courage. You ran away and now all you do is talk like b***h. Aldo is 100 times the fighter you are, and ever will be.”


It seems these two will continue trash-talking for the rest of time.

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