Formula 1: Toto Wolff reacts when asked if he'd sign Max Verstappen for Mercedes

max verstappen

Toto Wolff has said there's little chance of Max Verstappen joining Mercedes any time soon as he feels the Dutchman is looking very happy at his current team; Red Bull.

There have been some dramatic driver switches over the years in Formula 1, but few could compare to the idea of Max Verstappen suddenly upping sticks and heading to Mercedes, especially given the battle he is having with them and Lewis Hamilton this season.

Of course, putting them together in the same team would make for certain fireworks but, because of that reason, it's unlikely to happen - just as similar moves have so often been avoided in the past by teams for fear of upsetting their dynamic and environment.

Wolff, of course, knows all too well what can happen when you have two abrasive drivers under the same roof and he has pretty categorically ruled out any move for the Dutchman, saying he looks very happy at Red Bull right now:

"I think that Verstappen and his entourage are very happy where they are.

"Red Bull is their team and is their home, and why not keep it like that? I think we have our plans with our drivers, and Ferrari has a great line-up, and Lando Norris at McLaren looks pretty settled, so I think the trajectory is set.

"We're not looking for a driver."

hamilton verstappen

Putting the two in the same team would be fascinating as we'd get a real indicator of just who the stronger driver is in the same equipment.

However, Formula 1 is that bit more exciting when more than one team and driver are competing at the sharp end so we're more than happy at the prospect of the two remaining in different camps for the foreseeable future. 

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