Nice vs Marseille: Fan footage from the stands shows Dimitri Payet throwing two bottles

Nice vs Marseille descended into chaos

Nice and Marseille descended into chaos on Sunday night.

Nice led 1-0 thanks to Kasper Dolberg’s second half strike but the scoreline is pretty irrelevant.

With less than 20 minutes remaining, Marseille’s Dimitri Payet went over to take a corner. Throughout the match, Nice fans had been throwing missiles onto the pitch towards Marseille players.

It was only a matter of time before one struck a player.

And that happened with Payet as a bottle struck him on the back of the neck. After falling to the ground, the Frenchman stood up and launched a bottle back at the fans. He picked up another bottle and launched that as well.

Then, all hell broke loose.

Many Nice supporters stormed the pitch as players and fans clashed.

The referee eventually suspended the match and took both sets of players off the pitch for their own safety.

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After about an hour, Ligue 1 officials declared the match should be replayed. However, while Nice players and the match officials returned to the pitch, Marseille had no interest in resuming.

The referee restarted the match in the absence of the Marseille team before blowing for full-time. According to the rules, Nice will now be awarded a 3-0 victory but we definitely haven’t heard the end of this.

Just when we thought we’d brought every possible video from the crazy scenes, another one has emerged from a different angle - the stands.

Filmed by the corner where Payet was initially struck by the bottle, the footage captures the Marseille forward on the floor before he gets up and throws it back in anger before doing it again with another bottle.

That’s when things really kick off and you can see that in the footage below:

Video: Fan footage shows the carnage of Nice vs Marseille

After the match, Marseille president Pablo Longoria explained why the side didn’t return to the pitch.

"Our players were attacked," said Marseille president Pablo Longoria.

"We decided for the safety of our players, who were attacked during the pitch invasion, not to resume the match because the safety of our players was not guaranteed."

The carnage of Nice vs Marseille

Meanwhile, Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivere called out the retaliation from Marseille.

"It's disappointing that the game ended like this," he said.

"Everyone saw what happened. We can't deny that water bottles were thrown because we could all see it. What ignited the clashes was the reaction of two Marseille players who retaliated.

"Afterwards, it is deplorable that the Marseille security staff intervened on the ground and hit our players."

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