Floyd Mayweather cars: 'Money' splashes $20 million on 7 luxurious vehicles


Floyd Mayweather has added to his already wildly impressive collection of cars this week by treating himself to seven new white ones.

He doesn’t go by ‘Money’ Mayweather for no reason, the boxer is known for splashing the cash, and his preferred spending is on luxurious cars, which he regularly updates us with on his Instagram account.

As if the four Bughatti Veyron’s costing £1.7m wasn’t enough, the boxing legend has posted a clip showing off his two Ferarris, two Rolls Royces and a Lamborghini, along with a Maybach, Bentley and a Range Rover parked up in the background.

He comically captioned the clip: “7 toys for all 7 days, 8 armed security for 24hrs a day… why not?!” The security to no doubt keep guard of this £13m mansion in Miami, Florida.

After posting the clip to Instagram, his followers were quick to react, with one hilariously commenting: “Damn, we didn’t know you was rich.”

Mayweather is known for raking in the dollars when it comes to boxing, and in the top 6 list of the ‘Biggest Money Fights’, he holds 4 of the records.


Number one being his iconic fight vs. Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, which accumulated around £678m.

Second on the list was the exhibition fight with UFC star Conor McGregor.

At the time, the two fighters were seen as two of the best in their sports, so McGregor took a break from the Octagon to test his luck against the boxing legend. Yet, like many, MANY others, he fell short.

You can see the video of Floyd flexing his toys by clicking here.



The fight went ten rounds until Mayweather defeated the Irishman by TKO, extending his remarkable unbeaten streak to 50-0 and surpassing the previous record of 49-0 set by Hall of Famer Rocky Marciano.

Mayweather’s last fight was seen as a controversial choice by him in the boxing world, as he chose to face YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul.

Paul’s professional boxing record before stepping into the ring with one of the greats was 0-1 and on paper, the two couldn’t have been further apart.


However, the fight surprisingly went the distance, with no winner being declared in the exhibition bout.

It is currently unknown whether Mayweather will pick up the gloves again, but there will always be boxers that are adamant to get his signature on a fight contract.

Whoever he faces, he’s guaranteed pay-per-view buys, as boxing fans and even neutrals will always tune in to catch the legend step into the ring again and again.

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