Apex Legends Season 11 Map: New Tropic Island setting reportedly in Respawn’s plans

Bangalore is one of many playable characters in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends could be treated to an entirely new map as part of the new upcoming raft of content in Season 11, according to leaks.

Respawn Entertainment have been busy recently pushing out Emergence, introducing their newest legend Seer as part of the process. 

While a new map was not introduced for Season 10, we have seen the likes of World’s Edge added in Season 3 and Olympus brought in for Season 7. If there is a four-year pattern emerging regarding all-new locations, then Season 11 could be the developers’ choice for just that.

While not a great deal of information is currently known about Season 11, data miners and leakers have been busy at work to break news before EA has the opportunity to do so, and they have!

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King's Canyon is a fan-favourite in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Season 11 Map

Shrugtal revealed on his official YouTube channel that data codes have uncovered a new map called Tropic Island, titled “mp_rr_tropic_island” and “mp_rr_tropic_island_desc” in the database.

This originally came out back in August 2020 and the notorious Apex leaker believes that it will be included for Season 11, suggesting that it has been “designed with vehicle movement in mind.”

He also unveiled that texture files suggest that a new Trident could be added that is covered in mud and footprints all over its hood.

If these leaks turn out to be true, then it is another intriguing direction in which Respawn and EA are taking the series, with the emphasis being on an entirely new desert island theme, that could force players to dramatically change the way they play Apex.

That being said, it is early days and we are bound to learn more information about the upcoming map additions to Season 11 as its release date edges closer.

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