Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool: Ranking 2021/22 Premier League kits from worst to best

  • Kobe Tong

The 2021/22 Premier League season is well underway and we’re glad to have it back.

There’s a certain freshness and uniqueness that comes with the start of every new campaign and one way in which the year will undoubtedly come to be defined is by its kits.

Besides, if a certain team or player pulls off a spectacular moment or season as a whole then you can rest assured that the jerseys that they achieved it in will be remembered for years to come.

2021/22 Premier League shirts

And now that almost all of the new strips have been revealed for the 2021/22 campaign, it only seems natural that we should assess how they compare to one another in terms of their designs.

We’ve already ranked the respective Premier League home and away kits from worst to best, but now we’re merging them all together and throwing in the third tops that have already hit the shelves.

We’re calling upon our trusty medium of Tiermaker to make things as smooth as possible, organising the jerseys by pigeonholing them into tiers ranging from ‘Kitastrophe’ to ‘Take my money’.



Obviously, it’s important to clarify that our ranking is completely subjective and based on the opinion of your humble writer, so be sure to let us know your own thoughts on the kits after reading.

Oh, and bear in mind that our order is purely based on our opinion of the kits’ aesthetics as opposed to the provenance of the design – we’re not out here to slaughter what may or may not be either culturally or historically significant to certain clubs.

Besides, every single one of these kits will indeed have their lovers and power to the people behind them because football simply wouldn’t be the same without its culture of fashion and jerseys.

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Ranking Premier League kits

But enough housekeeping and disclaimers, let’s jump into the action as we rank every Premier League jersey for the 2021/22 season that has been released so far from worst to best:


Manchester City third, Chelsea home, Leicester City away, Norwich City third and Watford home

I’m sorry, it seems cruel, but these are the Premier League jerseys that I dislike the most this season and none more so than the City’s third shirt, which has been widely panned by supporters.

While, yes, Puma should be credited for trying something different, the inexplicable decision to not even include the club badge makes it look a cheap t-shirt – and we’re still in shock, to be honest.

But it finds itself in good company because I strongly dislike the textures found on Chelsea, Leicester and Watford’s kits, while the peachy red of the Norwich jersey is a serious turn off.


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Thumbs down

Everton third, Crystal Palace third, Newcastle United away, Leicester City third, Burnley away, Manchester United third, West Ham United away, Leicester City home, Wolverhampton Wanderers home and Watford away

Yup, not for me. A lot of these jerseys are by no means committing fashion crimes, but just happen not to float my boat for various reasons.

Everton and Palace’s designs, although paying homage to the past, look anaemic and messy, while the colour palettes seen on Leicester and United‘s alternate strips see them flirt with ‘kitastrophe’.

The Wolves and Burnley jerseys are marked down for a lack of originality, Newcastle’s away design is far too busy and I can’t persuade myself that Watford’s strip isn’t a Belgium release.



Arsenal home, Liverpool away, Leeds United home and Brighton & Hove Albion away

These are solid jerseys, it must be said, but they don’t deserve the hype they’ve been receiving from many fans online in my books.

I’ve done something of a 180 on Liverpool‘s away strip because although it impressed me at first, it’s felt more and more like a missed opportunity to reinvent its 1990s inspiration as time has gone by.

Meanwhile, the Arsenal release looks too much like an Ajax jersey for its own good and although it’s difficult to do much with a Leeds home shirt, Adidas’ latest effort just leaves me feeling cold.


Could have been better

Manchester United away, Arsenal away, Newcastle United home, Liverpool home, Everton away, Southampton home, Chelsea away, Aston Villa home and Brentford away

Now, these shirts are designs for which I have a degree of fondness, but feel as though they are being held back by one poor decision or another, hence the suggestion they could have been better.

The biggest offender is most certainly United’s away strip because when you consider the gorgeous 1990s shirt on which it is based, you have to wonder why the reimagining is so middle of the road.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Brentford would all have benefited from having less garish shades of yellow and orange trimmings hold Liverpool back from having one of the league’s finest home shirts.

Southampton’s home shirt borders on being too cluttered, Villa are kneecapped by their stripes, Newcastle’s release is, again, a tad messy and I’m not a fan of Everton’s over-egged collar.



Brighton & Hove Albion home, Brentford home, Manchester United home, Brentford third, Southampton away, Norwich City away, Tottenham Hotspur home, West Ham United home, Crystal Palace away, Everton home, West Ham United third and Aston Villa away

Given how much the standard of football shirts has been going up in recent years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the most populated tier is one that is complimentary to the kit designs.

From the clean and smart simplicity of Brighton and Spurs’ release to the small twists on tradition from Palace and Everton, there’s a lot to like here even if none of the kits are true showstoppers. 



Manchester City away, Norwich City home, Tottenham Hotspur away, Burnley home, Crystal Palace home, Leeds United away, Southampton third and Wolverhampton Wanderers away

We’re getting into impressive territory now and what better place to start than the absolute carnage of Spurs’ away strip? I feel like I shouldn’t like it, but it simply gets more stunning with each viewing.

Palace and Norwich have added new life to their home shirts with inspired design tweaks, while Wolves and Southampton deserve praise for really swinging for the fences with their alternate shirts.

Burnley’s stunning shoulder patterning has been a massive hit with me, the texturing on Leeds’ away kit is pure sauce and what could anyone possibly hate about City’s belting second shirt?!


Take my money

Arsenal third and Manchester City home

If you don’t like Arsenal’s third kit this season then we simply can’t be friends because this earned itself a place in the top tier without a moment’s thought.

As for the City shirt, it’s perhaps the finest example of a jersey that you absolutely love without actually being 100% sure about the reasons why but I mean, come on, just look at the darn thing.

There’s something about the subtleness of the torso texturing, married to the white body work, that makes it look fantastic – and it’s the perfect case of a shirt appearing even better on the pitch.


Which kit is your favourite?

No doubt we’ve angered a few thousand fans with our selections here, but there’s arguably nothing more subjective in the beautiful game than the world of football kits.

Besides, while most of us might not be fashionistas, I think we can all agree that there are sometimes football shirts that we either love or hate for reasons we can’t really articulate.

You’ve had the chance to see which jerseys provoke those reactions from me and now it’s your turn, so be sure to give us your own thoughts on the current Premier League crop across our social channels.

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