Man United news: Roy Keane on fans asking for selfies is gold

  • Rob Swan

If you haven’t seen Roy Keane’s brilliant interview on Gary Neville’s The Overlap YouTube channel, then you really should.

It’s a cracking one-hour chat between the two Manchester United legends, who were joined by Keane’s dog Jet.

Keane’s real persona shines through during the interview. The 50-year-old is famous for his fiery, no-nonsense personality but there is another side to the legendary former midfielder.

The Irishman is a very funny guy and there are many times during the interview where Neville bursts out laughing at some of his ex-teammate’s comments.

One of those comments centred around Keane’s view on football fans annoying him in public with selfie requests.


The former Premier League star can’t understand why many fans – especially those who support rivals of United – want a photo with him.

“Being in the public eye, I detest it, I hate it,” Keane told Neville, per The Irish Mirror. “There’s nothing worse than people coming up to you but listen, people can be polite too. However, sticking a phone into your face or following you with a camera is not on.

“If you said no to their request, people would then think you’re rude. I’d be going, ‘I’m the rude one?!?! You’re coming up to me with a phone?’ There are really good fans – I bumped into a United fan who showed me his tattoo and he just said, ‘alright’ and walked on. I was thinking, that’s a proper fan. People who invade your privacy with a phone or jersey, I think they’re just annoying.”


Keane: How I’d react if I saw one of my heroes

Keane then insisted that he would react very differently if he spotted one of his heroes in public.

“I think the people who respect you leave you alone,” he added. “If I saw Bob Dylan walking down the street with his guitar, I’d probably say, ‘alright Bob’ and let him walk by. I wouldn’t jump in his face and ask for an autograph.”

The way Keane says it, though, is pure gold. You can watch the funny clip here…

Classic Keano. What a guy.


There’s a fantastic Twitter account dedicated to Keane posing for photos with fans, including the actual comments he made at the time. You can check out the best tweets HERE.

If you ever spot Keane in public, it’s probably best to think twice before shoving a phone in his face and asking for a selfie.


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