The Boot Bible: Ben Andrews' world-first marketplace driving resurgence of gorgeous retro boots


Come on, hold your hands up if you had a pair of Nike Total 90’s back in the day?

For Ben Andrews, he’s still getting his hands on some classic boots, with his world-first online marketplace The Boot Bible

A vision that started as a hobby has now turned into something very special. Boot Bible began in June 2017, simply as a news outlet for all things football boot related.

Little did Ben know, eventually it would turn into a dedicated marketplace for boot fanatics alike. 

Following two ACL reconstructions that kept him off the pitch, he wanted to keep connected to the game he loves, so began buying boots to keep him excited at the prospect of playing again.

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, everything shut down, including football. Ben thought it was the right time to sell his collection, but he stumbled across one problem. There wasn’t a dedicated marketplace anywhere for him to sell them.


Thus, Boot Bible grew larger overnight, selling across 25 countries, with over 10,000 views per month and a growing community of circa 62,000 followers on Instagram

For Ben, it has created a community for those buying and selling boots online, with him only taking a small percentage on each pair successfully sold. 

Visit The Boot Bible to check out some of the gorgeous boots on show 

Of course, we will have our favourite pair of boots that we wore, or still wear today. The good old days of turning up to your school P.E day rocking your new Predators. Ah, those were the days. For Ben, he had a fondness of David Beckham‘s old boots, but his ultimate favourite is an-all time classic.


“My favourite, because I wore them, playing in them, was the yellow Total 90 Lasers. I had the customised Nike goalkeeper gloves as well. I was the boy at 15-16 years old!” he laughs. 

Not only is Boot Bible providing a platform for boot enthusiasts around the world, they are also assisting some well-known global superstars. 

“We’ve worked with Nacho from Real Madrid. He’s shown some interest. We actually sent a pair of boots to him a couple of years ago. I always message Mason Mount, probably to wind him up and get the odd like and response back. So there’s quite a lot of interest, but there’s quite a lot of footballers who collect a lot of boots.”


Not only can you buy and sell boots, but you can also purchase match-worn boots for some of your favourite players. Ben proclaimed that currently there are some match-worn boots of Manchester United star, Edinson Cavani, on-sale for £1,200.

They are well stocked with match-worn items which have also included Eden Hazard and Pedro.

“There’s definitely a demand and market for it. It’s just making sure the price is right, really.” 

So, what is the ultimate aim for Boot Bible? It’s simple. To become the dedicated football boot marketplace worldwide. So far, Boot Bible are well on their way. 

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