Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea: Twitter thread of Anthony Taylor's 'wrong decisions' re-emerges

  • Kobe Tong

Anthony Taylor was at the heart of controversy during Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea on Saturday evening.

While there was no shortage of action at Anfield across the full 90 minutes, there's no escaping the fact that the Premier League clash ultimately hinged upon the drama just before half-time.

That's because Liverpool earned themselves a penalty under divisive circumstances when Reece James appeared to block the ball with his arm on the goal-line.

Controversial James red card

Taylor eventually checked the incident on the pitch-side monitor with the assistance of VAR and ultimately decided that James should be dismissed with Liverpool duly bagging a spot-kick.

Mohamed Salah proceeded to step up and ripple the net from 12 yards, cancelling out Kai Havertz's superb opening goal, while James was sent to rue his misfortune in the bowels of Anfield.

Now, from the outside looking in, Taylor's decision most certainly seemed harsh and it wouldn't be difficult to launch the argument that James could have done little to prevent contact with his arm.

Liverpool vs Chelsea Highlights (Football Terrace)

Chelsea fans feeling aggrieved

Nevertheless, according to sportswriter Paul Hayward, the Premier League official's decision was very much correct by the letter of the law and thus, the result must ultimately be seen as fair.

But try telling that to great swathes of the Chelsea support - as well as many of their players in the heat of the moment - because many of them feel wronged by Taylor's officiating on Merseyside.

And it's a situation that is by no means assuaged by the fact that Taylor has something of a reputation amongst the Stamford Bridge faithful for making controversial decisions against them.

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Chelsea fan's Twitter thread re-emerges

In fact, it's such a prevalent narrative that Chelsea fan and Twitter user @ChelseaExeterTV went as far as compiling a thread of all the 'wrong decisions' Taylor committed against the Blues after last year's FA Cup final.

And now that Taylor has once again attracted the ire of Blues fans, it should come as no surprise that the Twitter thread has started to recirculate with the original poster being sure to hit retweet.

As such, the original thread and the decisions enclosed certainly make for an interesting reread, so be sure to check it out down below:

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Let's zoom out for a second...

Now, it goes without saying that it's by no means a Twitter thread that will win awards for following the laws of football by the book and some of the abuse directed towards Taylor is, frankly, abhorrent.

When trudging through the mire of social media portrayals, it's difficult to establish quite whether there is any substance to the idea that Taylor has some sort of unconscious bias against Chelsea.

Your humble writer is inclined to think that the Premier League official probably can't win now that there's an entire narrative stacked against him, but thousands of fans clearly think otherwise.



At the end of the day, though, regardless of whether we think that James should have been sent off in a perfect world or not, it's the referee's job to follow the laws and not some imaginary idealism. 

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