Saints Row: Social media delighted with reboot pre-order bonus items despite general criticism

Saints Row is scheduled for release on 22nd February 2022.

Saints Row is on the way and the initial response from fans of the series has not gone down well.

At the time of writing, the game’s official announce trailer has amassed 44,000 dislikes and just 22,000 likes on YouTube, with many hugely unhappy about the direction that the series is heading in.

Main characters such as Keith David, DJ Veteran Child, Maero and Kinzie Kensington have been replaced with an entirely new line-up in what appears to be a game that is aimed more towards children – which is the last game that they released back in 2015 really was not.

Despite the backlash, Volition stuck to their guns and insisted that they will not back down, which appears to have only made this worse.

However, something has been spotted that has taken the eyes of certain segments of the gaming community.

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Saints Row will come with various editions for players to choose from.

Saints Row Pre-order Bonus

Saints Row will be released in three editions – Standard, Criminal Customs and Notorious as physical copies, or Gold and Platinum as digital.

All versions other than standard will come with these cool looking bonus items, adoring the famous purple colours that pay homage to the previous games.

The Saints Custom Convertible and the Saints Custom Stab Jacket will be offered up to those who pre-order early, with the suggestion that layered clothing could be making a return to the franchise.

Saints Row will provide Criminal Customs to those that pre-order the more lucrative editions of the game.

As a result, this attracted a wave of positive comments on Reddit – with many fans excited about the possibility of some old features returning.

Here you will find some of the best comments:

Reddit user N1nSen.

Reddit User: N1nSen

Reddit User - ShootaCarson

Reddit User – ShootaCarson

Reddit User - monkey_D_v1199

Reddit User – monkey_D_v1199

Reddit User - SirKnight665

Reddit User – SirKnight665

Reddit User - AliveOrganization824

Reddit User – AliveOrganization824

Reddit User - Ardecle

Reddit User – Ardecle

So, what are your thoughts on this pre-order bundle that the developers are offering? Do you like them? Are you still in the mindset that Saints Row is about to take a huge step backwards? Or do you have any other views on this? Get in touch and let us know!

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