Eddie Hall reacts to Hafthor Bjornsson’s fight with Devon Larratt

Eddie Hall was forced to pull out of his fight with Hafthor Bjornsson due to injury.

Former World's Strongest Man Eddie Hall has been speaking about Devon Larratt stepping in his place to take on Hafthor Bjornsson next month.

The Stoke-born former strongman was forced to pull out of the fight after sustaining a gruesome bicep injury during sparring, which resulted in him having surgery to reattach the marred muscle.

Hall had been training ferociously hard to get in shape ahead of the fight, but in his words, a "lazy hook" ultimately caused the injury, shelving his eagerly anticipated fight with "Thor" for now.

That being said, Bjornsson's team moved quickly to find an opponent and Devon Larratt stepped up to the plate. The 46-year-old is a Canadian professional arm wrestler and has also served in the armed forces, widely considered to be one of the best of all-time.

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Eddie Hall on Devon Barratt

Speaking on his official YouTube channel, Hall admitted he was surprised to see Larratt step up and added what sort of chance he has of beating Bjornsson.

"I never said it coming. Like very random. Big guy. Big strong guy. He's [Larratt] no stranger to danger and he'll be up for a scrap. I think that Devon has had a lot more fights in his life, having met him, trained with him and spoke to him. I think he's used to that kind of environment of being under pressure in front of crowds with him being an arm wrestling stuff as well, close quarters. 

Hall continued: 

"First thing that sprung to mind is that Devon has done absolutely zero boxing training for the past 15 years. He's done nothing but arm wrestling. And he's got what, six weeks notice, maybe less? It's a tough one. Honestly I think Devon could batter him, I really do. The only thing I'll say with boxing you've got to be fit. That's the only thing that could let him down."

Hall raises some valid points regarding the short window of opportunity for learning and getting up to speed with fitness, however, boxing is a funny old sport that has sprung up its fair share of surprises over the years. 

While this match-up is a completely different kettle of fish and seems a world away from what Hasim Rahman did to Lennox Lewis and Andy Ruiz Jr did to Anthony Joshua, both Barratt and Bjornsson are inexperienced in their own right in the sport.

It will be interesting to see which heavyweight will come out on top, while many are hoping that Bjornsson can come through this fight unscathed so that his bout with Hall can be rearranged for next year. Time will tell.

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