Craziest face-off ever? MMA fighter shoves sex toy in opponent's face


Polish boxer-turned-MMA fighter Ewa Brodnicka may have taken her pre-fight antics a step too far ahead of her most recent bout.

As she arrived on stage to go face-to-face with her upcoming opponent, she decided to shove a sex toy in Aniela Bogusz’s face, even touching her lips at one point, in what is perhaps the craziest pre-fight face-off many will have ever seen.

The two fought last Saturday and, as usual, there was a face-off before the bout.

Brodnicka moved towards her opponent and was hiding something wrapped in a pink cloth behind her back. She threw away the cloth and the object was revealed to be a sex toy.

Brodnicka shoved it in front of Bogusz’s face who, visibly enraged, grabbed it and threw it towards her.

It didn’t stop there, though, in fact, it made matters worse.

Both fighters then began to have a go at one another with Bogusz kicking Brodnicka, who responded with a left hook before the two had to be separated.

However, Lil Masti ended up having the last laugh as she defeated the former WBO junior-lightweight champion in the fight to maintain her perfect record. She currently has won all three of her MMA fights, having beaten Marta Linkiewicz and Adrianna Sledz previously.

Brodnicka, who has a 20-1 boxing record, is well known for her pre-fight face-off antics. Back in 2019, she kissed her opponent Edith Soledad Matthysse on the lips before their fight. However, the Pole went on to win the bout via split decision.

Over the years, we’ve seen fighters resort to crazy antics before the fight, but what Brodnicka pulled off is probably beyond anything we’ve ever seen.

The 37-year-old cranked it up a notch and opted to brandish a sex toy, much to the distain and horror of her opponent. In hindsight, she probably should’ve just stuck with the kiss.



However, Bogusz got her revenge in the best possible manner as she triumphed when it mattered.

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