Khabib Nurmagomedov: Ring girl covered up as a sign of respect to UFC legend


Khabib Nurmagomedov has a strong case to be called the UFC GOAT as he has dominated each and every opponent he faced inside of the Octagon during his entire career, with the Russian retiring from the sport with a spotless record of 29-0-0.

If there is one thing Khabib takes more seriously than fighting, though, it’s his religious beliefs.

He has made his dedication to his religion clear on several occasions, dedicating his victories to God and also reaffirming his stance on social media.

Khabib’s even once got into an argument with Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh over a religious joke that the latter had made.

A lot of people admire Khabib for both his skill in the Octagon and his religious beliefs, but his recent comments about ring girls haven’t gone down too well, despite the fact it is clearly due to his religion.

The Russian branded the tradition as “useless” and also stated how the sections of Fight Night in which they appear make him uncomfortable, especially when watching with his late father. It is something that he doesn’t want forced on him, which is fair enough, of course, but the way he addressed it certainly wasn’t very respectful to the hundreds of ring girls involved in combat sport.

In fact, ring girls in the past have been nothing but respectful to one of the greatest of all time.


None more so than when Khabib was in attendance for an OFS promotion event, in which one of the ring girls, Anna Galochkina, covered herself up in order to make the former lightweight champion feel comfortable.

When asked about the situation, she stated: “He’s not only the best athlete but the man for me!

“He’s a pride of Russia and great MMA fighter.

“Of course, guests of the event were shocked seeing a ring girl putting on a longer skirt so fast.

“I respect the views and religion of Khabib and I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.”



McGregor, who is a longtime rival of Khabib, doesn’t seem to share the same sentiments and respect for The Eagle’s religion, however, sharing a picture on Twitter from The Simpsons taking a jab at his foe after his comments regarding ring girls in MMA and boxing.

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