Sam Kerr: Chelsea star responds brilliantly to social media troll

Sam Kerr

Chelsea and Australia striker Sam Kerr had the perfect response to a social media troll who said she had “no respect” for the Australian flag.

Kerr has been heavily active on social media of late and recently revealed she was dating American midfielder Kristie Mewis after posting an adorable photo on Instagram.

On Monday, the 27-year-old posted on her Facebook, announcing her new role as an ambassador for Commonwealth bank.

While this was a seemingly harmless post, one user decided to take issue with Kerr for an incident that occurred at the Olympics earlier this summer, where the Australian team were snapped posing with the Aboriginal flag before one of their games.

The flag was originally designed for the land rights movement in 1971 and became a symbol of the Aboriginal people.

Given the Australian side has a number of Indigenous stars including Kyah Simon, Lydia Williams and Mary Fowler, Kerr said the decision to hold up the flag was taken as a collective.

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“It was something that we spoke a lot about as a team. We let the Indigenous girls drive it,” she stressed.

“We felt that we didn’t want to just do something to go with the grain; we wanted to do something that was relevant to our country and show unity within our group and let everyone feel that they’re represented. We feel really proud of it.”

Yet, despite this seemingly being a team decision, one Facebook user claimed Kerr “forced her teammates” to display the flag.

They wrote: “Can’t stand her [Kerr] as a human being as she has no respect for the Australian flag. She forced her teammates to hold a flag that is a privately owned flag instead of the true Australian flag.”

Though this was unlikely to have been the first negative comment Kerr has received during her career, such is the nature of social media –– the striker nonetheless decided to have her own say on the matter.

Responding to the user in question, she retorted: “Hi Jim, this decision was decided by the whole team, together. As you can’t stand me as a human being you can gladly unfollow me and stay clear of my page. You also know nothing about me as a human being but have a great day Jim.”

Kerr’s reply received more than 2000 likes and 100 replies praising her actions.

Australia finished fourth at this year’s Olympics, having lost to the USA in the bronze medal match.

For Kerr, attention now turns backs towards the WSL which begins this weekend. Chelsea will look to win a third successive title and face a tough trip to Arsenal to kick off their campaign this Sunday.

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