Conor McGregor vs Khabib: Video shows Russian trash-talking Irishman during fight


Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov are both among UFC's all-time greats.

The two fought in October 2018 in a bout that was marred with controversy. Khabib won the fight in the fourth round by submitting McGregor with a neck crank.

 Soon after the bout, The Eagle ran over to McGregor's corner and got into a fight with his camp who had initially passed foul remarks to him. The Irishman also got into a tussle with Khabib's camp.

UFC president Dana White criticised the Russian for his actions, saying: "Khabib diving over [the cage] was ridiculous. You know, you just won a great fight, you fought brilliantly, you're about to get the belt on and people are going to respect the fact that you fought well and you won the fight.

"And instead, you dive over the cage and start this huge melee with Conor's corner."

McGregor and Khabib have never fought since then but both have often taken digs at one another. Most recently, the former used a The Simpsons meme to try and mock his arch-rival.

A fan responded to it by posting a video of Khabib punching McGregor during their fight while saying: "What happened? Let's talk now, let's talk inside the cage."

Khabib was indeed very dominant when the two fought and seemed determined to take McGregor down from the start.

The Irishman did not seem to be on the offensive until the third round when he scored good knees and punches to the body.

However, the Russian triumphed eventually.


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For a few years now, McGregor has often tried to mock Khabib and has made some ridiculous statements on social media. In 2019, he mocked the Russian's wife by calling her a towel before taking down the tweet.

Soon after McGregor's defeat to Dustin Poirier, Khabib said 'good always triumphs over evil'. To this, McGregor replied: "Covid is good and father is evil", which was a clear attempt to mock the death of the Russian's father.

There's no doubt that McGregor will keep making similar remarks on Khabib but he better not forget who triumphed when the two fought.

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