PUBG New State: System Requirements Revealed

PUBG New State

PUBG New State is only around the corner, and we have all the system requirements players need to know before downloading the game.

The mobile battle royale game is being made due to the fact that PUBG has been such a big hit on console and PC.

There are already an abundance of battle royale games on mobile, with one of the most popular being Fortnite. PUBG New State has a lot of work to do to make sure that they can compete with fellow games.

It is also very good to hear that the game will be available on both Android and iPhone so all mobile players can get on the game.

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System Requirements Revealed for PUBG New State

System Requirements are very important for mobile games. If your phone does not match at least the lowest requirements for the game, then you will not be able to play it.

The upcoming game developed by Krafton will need at least Android 6.0 with 2GB of RAM to run. On an iPhone, you will need software that is iOS 13.0 or higher on the iPhone 6s or later.

This could technically change if there are any updates, but for now we believe that this will stay as the requirements until release.

These requirements should be pretty easy to meet, as most people have the phones required and phones always update automatically, so everyone should have the latest software.

PUBG New State will feel very similar to PUBG, but no doubt there will be some exclusive content and features which are only for those who play the new game.

Hopefully the game will follow the pattern of other battle royale games and have seasons which bring out a lot of new content and updates on a regular basis. Many free-to-play games do this now so that they keep the fan base engaged.

No doubt there are a lot of expectations due to the fact that it is a game linked to PUBG and the developers will no doubt meet these expectations and give us a brand new battle royale game to enjoy.

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