Cristiano Ronaldo: How many goals has he scored for Portugal vs every other country?

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks the internationals men's goalscoring record with Portugal

One of the major byproducts of the continued excellence of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is just how normalised their stunning exploits have become. 

Sat atop the footballing pyramid for almost two decades now, their relentless pursuit of perfection has changed how we view strikers and the goalscoring tallies they put up, with their record-breaking numbers perhaps not given the credit they deserve because of the sheer frequency of them. 

In many ways, we’ve become accustomed to the extraordinary. 

Which is why it’s always worth stepping back and really analysing what they have done. 

Indeed, with Ronaldo recently becoming the top men’s international goalscorer of all-time by bagging his 110th and 111th for Portugal in a World Cup Qualifier win over the Republic of Ireland, that’s exactly what The Athletic (via Reddit) have done. 

To really commemorate the achievement, they’ve broken down the list of countries the 36-year-old has scored against on his way to the top. 

The list is as follows. 

Lithuania – 7 

Sweden – 7 

Andorra – 6

Hungary – 6

Luxembourg – 6

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates breaking the international men's goalscoring record with Portugal against the Republic of Ireland

Armenia – 5

Latvia – 5

Estonia – 4

Armenia – 4

Faroe Islands – 4

Netherlands – 4

Denmark – 3

Northern Ireland – 3

Russia – 3

Spain – 3

Belgium – 3 

Switzerland – 3

Azerbaijan – 2

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2

Cameroon – 2

Cyprus – 2

Kazakhstan – 2 

Saudi Arabia – 2


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Republic of Ireland – 2

Czech Republic – 2

France – 2

Egypt – 2 

Argentina, Croatia, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Iran, Israel, Morocco, Ghana, New Zealand, Poland, Serbia, Greece, North Korea, Slovakia, Iceland, Panama, Wales, Ukraine – 1 apiece

No matter what part of the world his opposition come from, Ronaldo always finds a way. 

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