Conor McGregor sparring footage ahead of Dustin Poirier trilogy fight emerges


Conor McGregor vs Dustin Poirier 3.

It was the trilogy fight almost every UFC fan was dying to see.

Seven years since their first clash, the series was tied at one apiece. This fight would finally decide the real winner in the battle between McGregor and the so-called “underdog” Poirier.

After being completely outclassed in the first fight, where he was knocked out after just one minute and 46 seconds, Poirier wanted another chance, and he finally got his rematch after a six-and-a-half year wait.

This time around, Poirier made no mistake, as he left McGregor slumped on the canvas just halfway into the second round.

So naturally, after one win each, a third fight was the first thing on everyone’s lips, including both fighters.

The trilogy was quickly agreed by both parties and this time there would be no six-year wait.



Just six months after Poirier pulled off his upset, the two fighters were back in the Octagon for one of the most highly anticipated UFC fights in history.

However, the ending was far from satisfying as McGregor suffered a horrific broken leg after just one round.

Scorecards from the night, though, showed that McGregor was already losing in the eyes of all three judges. The fight was scored 10-8 in Poirier’s favour by two of the judges, and 10-9 in Poirier’s favour by the third. So regardless of his leg break, things were not looking good for McGregor after the first round.

Now, two months after the fight, leaked footage of McGregor’s training camp has appeared online, and it’s safe to say that some fans are far from impressed.

The two-minute-long clip shows McGregor sparring an unnamed fighter. Whilst he appears to show some of his usual swagger by taunting his opponent, his technique looks sloppy and his movements are laboured.

Some fans in the comments were blunt in their assessment of the footage, with one saying: “Either he’s extremely exhausted in this video or he’s lost more skill than I had thought.”

Another fan emphasised this sentiment, posting: “Train sloppy, perform sloppy.”


Ultimately, regardless of what happened in the fight, it was a disappointing end to what many had hoped would be one of the greatest UFC trilogies in history.

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