Conor McGregor in WWE: John Cena gives his thoughts on UFC star joining


WWE Superstar John Cena has stated that he believes Conor McGregor would be a "fantastic" addition to the company should he choose to swap the Octagon for the squared circle.

Juggling the worlds of professional wrestling and Hollywood stardom, John Cena has become a household name. However, on a recent podcast he claimed that at his core, he is the same as the rest of us, a fan. And as a fan, he is desperate to see Conor McGregor make the switch from UFC to WWE.

Speaking on Dan Patrick's podcast, Cena claimed that McGregor could be "fantastic" in WWE.

He also stated: “He'd be fantastic. He is what we do. [Wrestling is] a little less predictable.

“Our surprises are getting people to show up at random and weave the 'choose your own adventure' into a different alley.

“His surprises are getting a few teeth knocked out or getting an operation. Not to say that this doesn't happen with us, mistakes happen, but in his profession, it's not a mistake.”

Cena then went on to admit he would love to see it happen one day.



“I hope (he makes an appearance) because I want to see it. At my core, I'm a fan," he concluded.

“He's interesting and has a gravity about him. I want to see him perform.”

It's easy to see how McGregor's showmanship and braggadocious style could easily be applied to professional wrestling. And, of course, McGregor wouldn't be the first fighter to star in both the Octagon and the ring; Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey have also previously appeared in both the UFC and WWE.

But it appears McGregor could be a little harder to convince than others before him, as he has previously slammed the industry, criticising the scripted nature of the fights within WWE.

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Regardless of McGregor's views, at this moment in time he is nursing a broken leg and plotting a UFC comeback, once his injury has healed. But that doesn't mean it's a guarantee we will never get to see McGregor in the ring, after all, he is at heart, a showman.

The other factor that could sway him towards an appearance in the WWE is money. In McGregor's world, money talks, and if a lucrative offer is placed on the table, who knows what might happen.

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