Mauricio Lara eye injury: Josh Warrington fight stopped due to head clash


In such a full combat sport, it is unsurprising to hear that from time to time some gruesome injuries can be sustained by fighters.

In the world of professional boxing, the most gruesome injuries can occur when there is a cut to the head. There have been several cases of this happening in front of thousands of paying customers, who look at these injuries in gruesome shock (rightly so).

During the rematch between Mauricio Lara and Josh Warrington, which took place last night, everyone was expecting a highly intense contest to go down to the latter rounds of the bout. However, the fight was stopped during the second round due to Lara picking up a horrifying eye wound, which meant he was not able to continue.

The wound was picked up when Warrington dodged a Lara uppercut and stepped in, leading with his head to counter punch the Mexican. Unfortunately, Lara’s head started to also lower, meaning that it resulted in a head clash which would start to open a wound.

Then, later in the round, Lara had Warrington against the ropes and started to deliver some body blows, but the Leeds man once again stepped in, leading with his head, and caused another clash in the same region.

Warrington’s action seemed clumsier during the second head clash, almost as though that was his intention.

The resulting head wound was so severe that the referee had to call off the fight.

Lara at a distance did voice his displeasure over Warrington’s antics and it seems that the majority of fans are siding with Lara as well, as Twitter was flooded with comments after the fight.


“Three headbutts in under two rounds, interesting ‘tactics’. Lara was starting to walk through him in that second round.”

“Warrington headbutted him twice on purpose.”

“Pathetic, Eddie Hearn’s just said he thought Lara was looking for a way out, did he miss the multiple headbutts? Our Josh is a dirty fighter.”



It seems as though this incident may have damaged Warrington’s image as this is not the first instance that he has done this “tactic”. There might an impending review coming into this fight.

We shall have to wait and see.

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