Boxing punching power: Eddie Hearn vs Tony Bellew on the punch machine


World famous boxing promoter Eddie Hearn shocked the fighting world when he proved that he packs a big punch.

The setting was DAZN’s Boxing Show, where guests are challenged to get the highest number possible on a boxing arcade machine.

Hearn stepped up, and as cool as a cucumber, explained what punch he will use: “I’m gonna take my jacket off.

“Right, okay, I’m gonna hit it with a straight right hand down the pipe.”

Hearn’s straight right hand packed a very impressive 935 points on the machine, even shocking former world cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew, who reacted in somewhat of a surprised but impressed tone: “Heavy handed that. Well done Ed.”

Bellew then stepped up and used his famous left hook to potentially outscore Hearn. Hearn himself was worried about his chances of beating Bellew when he nervously stated: “Your left hook was always the equaliser.”

Bellew then wheeled up and delivered the blow, only for the punch to not get the connection that was desired.

Noticing that Bellew had not delivered the best quality shot of his long career, the promoter jokingly exclaimed: “Oh please let me beat him.”

The numbers kept climbing until it eventually stopped at 926, which was nine points short of Hearn’s attempt. The reaction of everyone, including Hearn, was of utter shock and disbelief. Even fans on Twitter took to the social media platform to voice their disbelief over what happened.

“As if Eddie Hearn just scored higher than Tony Bellew on the punch arcade.”

“That means Eddie Hearn would beat Tony Bellew in a fight.”

“Quite funny that he’s casually in shirt and trousers too.”

“He hits harder than Warrington for sure lol.”

“Is Vada testing required before using this machine?”



With how boxing is going these days, don’t be surprised to see Hearn lace up some gloves and get in the ring himself.

Jake Paul vs Eddie Hearn, anyone?

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