Andy Ruiz Jr weight loss: Mexican looks even thinner now after surgery


Andy Ruiz Jr is widely known for his power after his incredible fights against Anthony Joshua.

Although, it’s not just his power that got everyone talking thanks to the fights with the Brit. A lot of people were also quick to comment on his physique.

However, a recent video has surfaced online that shows Ruiz Jr with a ridiculously thinner body frame in comparison to his frame prior to his knee surgery and how he looked when sharing the ring with AJ.

Some people within the boxing world have been critical of the amount of weight loss that Ruiz Jr has incurred, as although he still looks in incredible shape after losing some fat, he at the same time has lost some muscle.

An impressive weight loss of 30lbs has cast doubts over whether he will have the same power that he once had. His last fight against Chris Arreola was a highly intense battle, but some boxing experts believe that his punches were a lot weaker in comparison to when he was fighting Joshua.

On top of this, there has been some comments on how he seemed to be more fazed by the punches that he received from Arreola, hence the cause of concern that perhaps the weight loss might be too much.


In the surfaced video, Ruiz Jr is performing deep knee bends, which, considering that he has had knee surgery a couple of months ago, has brought up some questions over what kind of surgery he had.

Some experts believe that he must have received some minor knee surgery as pushing that hard in the gym that soon may hamper his progress in recovery.

Some fans have disagreed with the expert’s opinion and concern, however, with some heaving praise on the Mexican American.

“People seem to think that a person like Ruiz, who is a great boxer, can’t have the will to work off the weight that was hindering him. He should be even more effective now. I commend him for his effort.



“When does fat do anything but slow you down, hope he can move better at a lighter weight, and come in low throwing punches on guys like AJ. Good luck Andy, hope you can make some noise in a boxing world where promotors are doing all the talking.”

One thing is for sure, Andy Ruiz Jr doesn’t look like the guy who shared the ring with Anthony Joshua anymore, and for that fact alone, he should be applauded!

Looking great, Andy!

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