Khabib Nurmagomedov vs ring girls: Nate Diaz's two-word tweet about drama


UFC star Nate Diaz has issued his response to Khabib Nurmagomedov's comments regarding ring girls in the sport.

The Russian gained a bit of notoriety for stating that ring girls are the most useless people in mixed martial arts, also claiming they make him feel uncomfortable and that they are a distraction to the fighters.

A few days back, he said: "Look, I don’t want to offend anyone, ring girls are the most useless people in MMA. What is their purpose? I have a question. You can show that it is the second round on the screen. I realise that is history.

"History knows many mistakes. We read history to avoid mistakes of the past in the future. If we look at the history, it says they are useless. That is my personal opinion."

Naturally, almost anything said by Khabib results in Conor McGregor responding, and it didn't take the Irishman long to respond to these comments by his longtime rival.

McGregor mocked his rival by posting a meme on Twitter. In the picture, a Simpsons character, known as Smithers, was labelled as Khabib and it shows him covering his eyes as two half-naked women dance around him. The woman are labelled Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer; UFC's most popular current ring girls.


This was one of those rare occurrences when people actually sided with McGregor over Khabib. One of the people to side with Notorious was another one of his former opponents Nate Diaz, who tweeted the same picture with the caption reading: "Haha B*******"

Khabib is one of the most well-known and respected names in UFC history, but his statements are disrespectful towards ring girls.

As far as Diaz's sentiments regarding this are concerned, yes he does have a point like many others who've criticised Khabib.

Celeste and Palmer, both of whom are among the most popular ring girls in UFC at present, were far from pleased with The Eagle's comments.



We could well see Khabib talk further about the topic, given that many have voiced their displeasure. At the same time, don't expect to see any ring girls in Eagle Fighting Championship.

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