Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley: Floyd Mayweather's pre-fight advice shown in new footage


Video footage has revealed that Floyd Mayweather gave some advice to Tyron Woodley ahead of the latter's fight against Jake Paul at the end of last month.

The boxing great trained with the former UFC champ ahead of the bout, hoping to pass off some of his expertise, and while he couldn't head to Cleveland for the fight in person, he did give his training partner some advice.

Captured in Showtime's All Access series, Mayweather told Woodley: "I want you to just know this. He has never been mugged before, you've been hit, you've been mugged before. The difference between you and him is you can shake it off."

The 50-0 undefeated boxer was on FaceTime with Woodley whilst the former UFC champ was in his dressing room awaiting to head out for his fight.

You may be wondering why Mayweather wanted to hook up with Woodley for this fight... well let us remind you.

Mayweather got into a brawl with Paul ahead of his fight versus his older brother Logan. He even threatened to kill The Problem Child who had earlier taken his hat from his head.

After this incident, Money wanted to train Woodley, saying: "Give me Tyron Woodley. I'm going to get in camp and I'm going to train him for this fight, I want him to come to Las Vegas and work with us."

Woodley said he would want to train with Mayweather and he did just that, however, it couldn't stop him from losing the fight as Paul was adjudged the winner by split decision. 

Following the fight, Woodley revealed what Mayweather told him after the bout. The former UFC champ said: "[Floyd said] I did some things really well that I should’ve done more of, he did say just a little more output. 

"He did think that I won the fight… he said I told you that he was going to be kind of scared of you, you been in there before.”



The chances of a rematch between Paul and Woodley look high, and if it happens, there's a very good chance of the former training with Mayweather once again.

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