Dutch Grand Prix: Toto Wolff says he'll talk to Valtteri Bottas over 'cheeky' fastest lap


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that he will talk to Valtteri Bottas over the Finn's 'cheeky' fastest lap towards the end of the Dutch Grand Prix, which threatened to take a championship point away from teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Formula 1 returned to Zandvoort for the first time since the mid-80s and the Dutch supporters in attendance will feel as though it was worth the wait with their home hero Max Verstappen taking victory.

Indeed, towards the end of proceedings by the North Sea coast, Mercedes effectively bailed on their challenge for first place, opting to pit Valtteri Bottas and then Lewis Hamilton for fresh tyres, just to reduce the risk of any issues with the rubber that they were on beforehand.

Their fresh grip obviously presented an opportunity for them to go fastest at the end of the race, too, with Valtteri Bottas setting purple sectors in 1 and 2, before backing off in the final sector after Mercedes told him to abort.

He did, though, set the fastest lap regardless and took the bonus point for it away from Lewis Hamilton - with that obviously having the potential to impact the final standings in the title race at the end of the year.

Fortunately for Lewis, he was able to set a quicker time to get the point back, though it did seem an unnecessary extra stress to be caused in the closing laps.


Of course, all's well that ends well as Hamilton got his bonus point and that's probably why Toto Wolff cut a fairly calm figure post-race talking about the situation - though he admits he will have a word with Valtteri:

"That was a bit cheeky, but understandable," said Wolff to the media after the chequered flag.

"Valtteri is always on the receiving end because this championship is so tight.

"He lifted off massively in the last sector, and it was clear that Lewis would do the quickest lap and Valtteri knew about it.


"At the end, Lewis in his fight for the drivers’ championship got the point, and it’s all good.

“It could have ended up in a loss of a point for Lewis, and it would have also been not right, because he had fastest lap until then.

“But you have to understand also at that point, there’s a certain degree of frustration of Valtteri, and at the end, everything is good.

“We’re going to talk about it, but in a most amicable and professional way.”

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