Daniel Bryan joins AEW: The three reasons why he joined from WWE


The WWE palace is seemingly falling apart and quickly, especially when it comes to talent leaving and joining rival promotions.

After CM Punk chose to return to wrestling, but with AEW, Vince McMahon's company have now said goodbye to Daniel Bryan and Adam Cole, who have become the next big name to leave for All Elite Wrestling.

It is a huge blow for WWE and everyone is undoubtedly talking about the exit.

There has been plenty of speculation on why exactly did Bryan make the decision the decision that he did, and to put an end to that once and for all, Bryan has himself stated three reasons why he left.

As per Fightful.com, the three reasons behind him opting to join AEW are; The talent on the roster, the fan base that they've got and finally the fact he simply wants to wrestle.

Fair reasons, you have to say.

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The AEW fan base, if you watched the reception for CM Punk in Chicago, is quite electric and can turn on any wrestler, really.

Nonetheless, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle is still amazed at Bryan's decision to switch companies.

He said: "I’m really surprised at that. I never thought that WWE would let him go. Daniel was a big part of the company for the past ten or so years. He was literally the top babyface in the company for a few years, so, I'm really surprised they let him go.

"But Daniel is probably happier in AEW for whatever reason. I don’t know if it was money or if he wasn’t happy with the direction of his character, but it had to be something that made him leave.”



Wrestling fans as a whole will just be delighted to see a happy Daniel Bryan once again.

Let's not forget, at one point it seemed like his days in a wrestling ring were well and truly over. However, it seems like things have only just begun.

Exciting times for all wrestling fans.

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