Valorant Patch Notes 3.05: How much Bonus XP can you get with Premium Battle Pass?

Here's information on the Premium Battle Pass in Valorant

Valorant Patch 3.05 is set to be released on Wednesday 8th September 2021, and fans have already been asking Riot about the new Premium Battle Pass.

The details for the new Battle Pass were recently leaked as part of the Content Creator Patch Notes.

Information on the XP bonuses for players who get the new Premium Battle Pass have also now been leaked as part of the Creator Patch Notes.

Riot Games has confirmed that players who upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass will gain a 3% XP boost toward the Battle Pass tier progression for all matchmade games until the end of Act II.

It is worth noting that these are NOT retroactive, so players will need to upgrade early to get access to the most amount of XP for Valorant Episode 3 Act 2.

Riot has also confirmed that the XP boost does not apply towards the Daily or Weekly Missions in Valorant.

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Here's information on the Premium Battle Pass in Valorant

Valorant Premium Battle Pass

Here is all of the cosmetics information regarding the new Battle Pass being released as part of Valorant Patch 3.05 and Episode 3 Act 2:


  • 1,000 VP

Key Items


  • Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin w/ Variants
  • Time’s Up Gun Buddy
  • Artisan Gun Buddy
  • Nice Try! Spray
  • Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix Card


  • Artisan Foil (melee) w/ Variants
  • Artisan Phantom
  • Nitro Operator
  • Nitro Vandal
  • Varnish Sheriff
  • Follow Me Gun Buddy
  • Does Not Compute Spray
  • Unstoppable // Reyna Card

If you’re considering getting the new Premium Battle Pass for XP reasons, then it really is worth getting in as early as possible to ensure you get the full benefit of boosts during Episode 3 Act 2.

If you’re unsure as to what the Valorant Battle Pass is, it is essentially an Act in the game. So every time Riot confirms that a new Act will be released for Valorant, that means that a new Battle Pass is being released.

Riot releases a new Act for the current Episode around Valorant every two and a half months, meaning that the Battle Pass for that Act is good for the entirety of that Act length.

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