Bryan Danielson: Tony Khan couldn't afford entrance music for new AEW star

Tony Khan couldn't afford entrance music Bryan Danielson wanted in AEW

Despite being incredibly wealthy, it is being reported that Tony Khan couldn't afford the entrance music that Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson) wanted to use in AEW.

Bryan Danielson used the iconic Final Countdown as his entrance theme prior to signing with WWE in 2010, and many people assumed that the former WWE star could use the theme in AEW.

However, Dave Meltzer is reporting on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Tony Khan deemed the price of securing the rights to The Final Countdown to be too high for him to consider.

After realising that he wouldn't be able to use the iconic track, Meltzer notes that Bryan Danielson spoke to one of his friends who put a new theme together.

Many fans were surprised when Bryan Danielson didn't walk out to The Final Countdown at All Out, especially considering how Tony Khan has paid the fees for several licensed tracks over the last few months.

Tony Khan has bought the rights for themes for Jungle Boy and The Best Friends over the last few months, as well as securing the rights to Living Color's Cult of Personality track for CM Punk. 

For those that didn't catch the show, Bryan's new track features a similar beginning to the theme he used in WWE, before stepping up the tempo. You can check out the new track below.

Speaking of what he can and can't do in AEW, Bryan Danielson spoke to the media after All Out about whether or not he can use the Yes! chant outside of WWE, noting that he wasn't actually sure:

“I don’t know, we’re gonna have to talk about what I can do and what I cannot do. One of the things I do try to respect, because like I said, I appreciate the people I worked for before, and respecting their intellectual property and that sort of thing. So, making sure that I don’t contradict any of that. The fans doing it is great, but I’m not sure if I’m gonna do it.”

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