WWE Raw: Charlotte Flair accepts title challenge from Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair narrowly escaped another overthrow on Monday Night Raw thanks to a shock interference from Shayna Baszler.

The Queen of Spades was ringside as the Raw women’s champion defended her belt against Nia Jax, Baszler’s tag team partner. 

But sparks flew when Baszler cost her ally the red brand title by distracting her until Flair rushed in for the pin.

The two-time Women’s Tag Team champions could be about to disband after Baszler’s stunt, but there’s an even more interesting storyline building on Monday Night Raw.

After retaining her title, Flair was confronted by Alexa Bliss, who invited The Queen to her Playground. 

The champion stood strong and told Bliss she had no interest in her “mind games”, forcing the demonic duo of Twisted Bliss and Lilly to appear inside the ring after the lights went out in the arena.

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Bliss made it clear she wanted to get her hands on the Raw Women’s Championship belt, and Flair, still fired up from her match with Jax, accepted the proposal.

“You want a title match?” The Queen exclaimed as the crowd clamoured. “Fine, but this isn’t your Playground. It’s mine.”

The two stared each other down as Flair left the ring, leaving supporters eager to see what would happen next between these two new rivals.

Bliss is a five-time WWE Women’s Champion and has won both the Raw and SmackDown titles, so she is no easy opponent heading into a clash with Flair. 

But The Queen, who reigns superior with her six Raw titles and 12 WWE honours overall, will not be making the same mistake she did when underestimating Nikki A.S.H after Money in the Bank.

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